Make your starting crimes give you bonuses

I realize for play balance you would have to let people choose their crimes otherwise you would just keep making characters until you got the three you wanted.

Pickpocket +1 agility or slight increase for coin drops as loot
Lewd Behavior with Corpses: +1 Grit or slight increase in Truncheon damage

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Your crimes are made up by Thoth Amon or some ruler working with him to exile you because you were considered a threat for whatever reason.

You wouldn’t make up your own crimes, you didn’t choose to be exiled.

And since the crimes are false, they wouldn’t be relevant to your actual capabilities either.


I impersonated a priestess, poison a well, and incited a riot. Sounded like i had one hell of a drunken night for a male character. I wish i had more details of the priestess part. I would love to know what buffs i would get.

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If this idea ever were implemented, I have no idea how one “crime” would even affect stats, and that is “Breaking the fourth wall”.

I was thinking this one as soon as I saw the title of this thread. How about making every fourth hit (combo finisher) do more damage to structures? But yeah, that crime in itself is breaking the fourth wall, so someone is clearly guilty of it.


Maybe the breaking the fourth wall crime gives you the ability to remove other players corruption by dancing? After all that crime for it to make sense as a crime in the context of the world could indicate that you broke character while performing a play for the villain, or at the very least are some sort of performer who broke the fourth wall while performing…

Clearly it gives you admin powers, since you know you’re just a character in a game.

No. This idea is awful. We can’t pick our crimes. So no control of what we want. Plus +1-+3 to a stat is OP by many players. Loot increase isn’t worth the same as a free stat bonus.

Feature wise, this would be great of course. Since we are talking about crimes however (even false ones), I’d wager that our crime would tag along somehow; e.g. an item or a tattoo. Something that reminds us of it (or them). If they have to give something, it shouldn’t be a positive thing though. I wager that perhaps most games reward players with buffs and better buffs, but only a handful makes players decide between two evils in order to have them make the best of their situations this way.

more than for your crimes should be by your race and the only thing that would have to apply the features that describe each race in the game

Needs some work, but I do kind of like the idea. Not just the stats, but being able to pick your crimes does add a little RP value. Perhaps even add the crimes to the character bio.

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Would be a nice touch.

Not so sure on that, I had punctuation as a crime, punching camel and… ummmm.
One of them fit me, and the 2 just scream Conan was here. XD

If we could pick crimes, We’d all pick generaly same ones… that take part of fun out of it.

Rather than picking a crime, just pick something that relates to your life before. Since clearly the crimes aren’t real, and have no bearing on who you are as a character.

Essentially like what D&D did with character history or backgrounds.

The problem with benefits is that you are supposed to be starting the game with nothing. So that rules out any sort of gear. And leaves only feats or attribute points. Which wouldn’t really work either.

So, some permanent buff effects seems like the logical route. Because they can be mild and always on your character, as a representation of past skills.

Green thumb from being a gardener, so you get a chance of extra plant resource gathers.
Blacksmith, so you get a low speed increase when working the blacksmith station without a thrall.
Woodworker, so a low speed increase when working in the carpenter bench.
Trapper, you get a chance of gaining extra fish when setting fish traps.

The speed increases are worthwhile in the early game, because they help you before you have access to a thrall, as part of your former life. But thralls will beat the increase and negate it in later levels.

Trapper gets outclassed because later in the game you have gobs and gobs of food anyways so a few extra fish aren’t game-breaking. The green thumb could be rigged to work on mid to low tier plants only, nothing that’d be rare or way up in quality.

Personally I find these less useful, i.e. clutter in a way, due the available ability to tweak the numbers related to harvesting, crafting and the like. They are nice ideas, but I’d wager that the influence of the crimes, or as whatever background key terms we end up naming them as, would be interesting enough if they came with such properties that weren’t modifiable, present in admin panel. :thinking:

As one of older threads mention, race bonus would be nice to.

But Khitan aren’t sorc’s just yet… so there kinda left behind, or will have there bonus switched.

True, but the bonuses aren’t supposed to be highly useful. And you can only tweak those numbers in single player anyways. They are just supposed to reflect who your character was as a person, before exile.

It’s hard to get any influence from a crime, when they are largely fabricated. It’d be different if this were a long term imprisonment. Like if you are accused of being a murderer, and spend 10 years in prison among hardened criminals, it changes you. So by the time you are released, there is a noticeable difference.

With the Exiled Lands, you are basically accused, crucified, and left to survive or die. What changes you is what you encounter during your time in the Exiled Lands, so the crime is essentially meaningless, because nobody in the EL even knows what your crimes were. They take you as you are.

Bonus or handicap variable. I personally like added handicap, especially when I can mix and match that handicap for myself. I usually go with the most logically viable difficulty available, unless devs define otherwise.

Khitan sorcerers? You want to play a khitan sorcerer or is it hinted as something related to khitan only? I think I didn’t get the memo here. :thinking:

There known to be Sorcerers. (via ingame info) I’m fuzzy on books and lore. Its not a “Khitan thing” Just how in-game info words it.

Thanks for the info.