Man I got suckered again

I mean it’s better than One man’s Lie. Though that isn’t saying much at all. I want to love this game so much it hurts. It hurts because Conan Exiles is Broken. I said too many times I’m not buying into anymore game ideas that aren’t fully realized. After so many letdowns, Marvel Omegdull, the aforementioned Peter Molyneuxs sidekicks game, and too many others to list, here comes FunCom with their full release, post early access, survival/ rpg/ sandbox /digital crack, ready to consume many hours of my life for the foreseeable future, game based on Conan lore. I’m still a little skeptical but FunCom brought me much happiness in the past with Anarchy Online. So i get onboard with minimal expectations. Man was I blown nowhere at all. This game is Broken in so many obvious ways, I’ve lost my corpse full of loot countless times; chests with items, suffered rubber banding and lag nearly constantly, thralls disappear randomly with no log entry, inventory items won’t stack up to a full amount if there is no open spaces in inventory. Frame rates are garbage, I’m on pro I can’t imagine what a base user must be dealing with. I’ve barely scratched the surface of a ridiculous list of bugs that don’t need work to duplicate, This is your 50 dollar game that you are personally proud of Mr. Joel Bylos? What were your expectations I wonder. Using the public as your live release test platform was a great way to bring in needed revenue, but it is a terrible way to earn my interest in your future developments.


Would you like some cheese with that whine?


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