Man that Truncheon Smarts!

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: Singleplayer
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

Whenever I attempt to capture thralls by hitting them with a truncheon, they are always rendered unconscious with a single blow. The tier and faction of the NPC seems to have no bearing on this. One whack and they’re down for the count. It could be that I have an admin setting causing this, but I seldom tinker with unfamiliar settings.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Log onto a Singleplayer game.
  2. Equip a steel truncheon.
  3. Hit an aggressive huanoid NPC.
  4. Watch him hit the canvas after a single blow.
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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your report. Can you share with us which truncheon is your character using and if it has any improvement kits applied?

We await your reply.

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Given its singleplayer, what difficulty did you select at start?

Greetings to you too Mayra. I initially using a steel truncheon with a concussive fitting and was up to the first perk in Authority. Thereafter I reverted to a standard steel truncheon with no fittings and no points in Authority to establish if it would make any difference, but it did not. Mayra are there any admin settings which would contribute to an increase in concussive damage? My characters damage is set to 1.0 at this point. And would you also like me to try using the iron and base wooden truncheons too?

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At the very beginning some 4+ years ago I selected Decadent and it is most often at this level. But I do occasionally jump to and from Barbaric. It may best be described as Custom. But regardless of the difficulty, we should not be knocking out T4 NPCs with a single blow from a steel truncheon.


I dont disagree, but they balance around vanilla settings so if you are on some other setting, perhaps the bug is somehow multiplied up with the difficulty in a way they dont intend.

This also on PC can happen, but that should be kinda admin settings, i played in 2 servers same way non mods… both said they edited something in server settings… but like not in game itself but some .ini or so file… maybe u got it automated edited?

Thank you all for contributing to this post. We sent the information over for investigation.

If we need any more details we’ll reach out to you again.

Have a great day everyone! :slight_smile:


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