Bug in a single player game

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

Bug in a single player game.
Slaves are not stunned

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Are you using mods? Because I have no problems knocking thralls out.

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No, I do not use. And this problem is only in single player game on ps4.

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What truncheon are you using? The simple wooden truncheon currently has a problem that it kills thralls faster than stunning them. The only solution to this is using an iron (or better) truncheon or blunted javelins.

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In single player, there is not even a stun bar.

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@redlin128 I think you should check your settings/ sliders happened to me before playing with my in coop I couldn’t see any NPC,S bar she could. I am digging in a offline game now let u know what I find.

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I thought it was related to show nameplate you may want to make sure it is turned on. I turned everything off and could not replicate loosing knock out bar . Have had it happen before. @Croms_Faithful plays offline only perhaps he can help.

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Just out of curiosity, are you having this issue with all human enemies, or is it specific enemies such as bandits?

With ordinary enemies. Bandits should not be stunned.

KK, I have not had any issues taking thralls. Sry couldn’t be of any help.


  • What is Damage Scaling set to? (if you have it to high, you’ll kill them before you can even stun them.

  • Which Stun weapon are you using? And are you using Blunt Mod on it.

I would suggest Admin Panel reinforced trebuchon, putting advance blunt fitting on it.
My Damage is set to 2.0. I can KO t3-t4 before they die. (they lose about half there health before ko kicks in)

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I do not seem to be experiencing this issue, and am able to knockout enemies (the bar is displayed). Sestus what is this ‘nameplate’ which you spesk of? Perhaps it is a setting which I have not tinkered with yet.

It is in settings shows who you are up against and there health bar and knock out bar.

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Go to settings Gameplay below nudity is show nameplate. Check it to see npc name. @Croms_Faithful

If you have the beginner truncheon, it does not matter what settings or strength you have, you will kill a Named thrall before knocking it out. I started a new game yesterday, tried to knock out 6 different Named thralls…same thing happened every time, would only need a few extra swings if only they were still alive. A lvl 2 and lvl 3 fighter also damage a Named thrall faster than the consciousness drops. Strange behavior, the damage to a T3 is about a 3rd less of what a Named thrall takes.

Hi @redlin128, we’re aware of this issue and the team is looking into it.

Please ensure that you have the first Strength perk unlocked as it can mitigate the issue in certain cases.


Unfortunately I have been too busy to play and check it as of late. But hopefully I will get a chance to jump on and check it over the weekend.

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If you are farming lower thralls (noob river / sinners refuge for example) this can also happen with other truncheons. You cannot use a lovetap in sinners refuge. I’ve learned that the hard way when I accidently killed a legbiter.

@tobi04 sorry to hear the loss, that really sucks. I have been looking for that thrall since December of last year, same goes for Dalinisa(?).

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