Many Trhalls donkey

trhalls have undergone behavioral changes, but it seems to be stupider than before. he continues to draw a gun and keep a gun and stares at his opponent without a fight, thus being beaten to death. the other thing about him being more crazy than before is that now they are stuck in some places and do not move, it is a new and different situation, they even fight, but the opponent needs to go where they are, you tell him to follow you , he is following you, but suddenly he gets stuck and doesn’t get out of it, please, it’s already boring, there’s no use calling him, he doesn’t come to where you are.

Named thralls dont obey, they get stuck and they spend the rest of the time chasing rabbits, patch june 16th was a total DISASTER.

There are some theories that suggest that thrall stupidity is directly proportional to server lag or stress. That’s why thralls seem to be operating just fine on Single-Player (mine are), seem slightly unresponsive on less populated (or less-spam-built) servers, and devolve into dumb-as-a-box-of-hammers levels on officials with lots of building spam, lots of players and lots of other thralls.

Yes…yea. and this is very frustrating, they are talking about minimizing the damage and the life of the trhall but they are not talking about fixing the mistakes. if someone wants to criticize me for my degrading opinion against funcom, feel free, but I’m not here with the intention of degrading the game, but the funcom company, I like the game and I want the game to be pleasant and complain and expose errors it is a call for it to be improved because I have friends who have already given up and others who want to give up on this game due to mistakes.

I didn’t understand almost anything, but thanks for reading and giving your opinion.

I believe what @Kapoteeni wanted to say is, that the more the server has to work on (buildings, other players, other thralls), the less in computing power is left for thrall-Intelligence.


I do not know what mods you use but there are no guns in the game so that could be the problem.

Mine obey just fine. Have you changed their AI settings to not go berserk and attack everything in sight? You do know you can do that right?

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there are no mods, I’m talking about PS4. what about the attitude of the trhalls, yes, we know, we played Conan for almost two years, and this problem mentioned in question has been occurring since we started at conan, if there is no error with the trhall with you? so maybe it’s because you play only a few hours a day, but my team and I usually play more than 24 consecutively and this happens even though the server is practically empty and although it doesn’t happen to you, I’m sure you are an exception having in view of the huge number of people who complain in Facebook groups.

empty servers the same error happens.

Bit empty servers the same error happens.

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