Map Room needs to be reworked

map room is just crazy to deal with… its to large and once place if you put up pillars and such so you can finish a roof and someone accidentally picks it up you have to basically destroy the area just to get it back down.

Dark N Light’s map system was much much more intelligently done… simple give us an alter we click on with the map showing on it… then a gump menu shows up so we can select what location for us to teleport too.


I dont get it? Why cant you place a roof exactly?

you dont have to get it…

the answer you’re looking for is 8x8

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Pretty sure he means after the roof is built and someone picks up the map room since it can be returned to inventory, then it can no longer be placed down again because of the building restrictions with the pillars. Thus he would have to dismantle the entire roof and all the pillars in order to set the map room back down and then rebuild them all.

The issue he has is that the map room is too large and the building restriction on it is not consistent so accidentally picking it up causes a lot of issues.

The obelisks can already be linked with the bracelets so instead of a map room you should just craft a mini obelisk that you can activate from your bag or place in your base to open the world map and select the obelisk you want to travel to. You should also be able to travel between the obelisks and have the option to travel from them to your mini obelisk. This would make fast travel more intuitive because currently you have a way to travel a far distance but no realistic way to get back to your base.

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Don’t use pillars. than.

You can make diagonal supports if the damn thing wouldn’t be so buggy. You could make a huge enough room with them.

Maybe the last patch made them work normally. So you can make even a 10x10 room for your maproom and you can place it back after you picked it up.

Teleportation would look way better in the form of a dark and mysterious ritual anyway instead of just a big map.

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8x8 foundations with walls and roof, no need for pillars or support beams

not sure if your aware of this but, they have a plan to remove ho support beams work. they will be a decorative item ONLY…

as well they bug at times so anything they are giving support to at random restarts will at times just break due to not receiving their “support”

exactly… little bubbly lights just aren’t doing it for me

That would be a bad idea. (The remove)

Without them there is no way we can make big halls.

I agree that 2 diagonal supports facing each other should not give anything but the wall ceiling connection should be working normally.

And yes I am aware that those diagonal support beams has a bug and eventually loosing their functions on some reload. That needs a fix for a long time. Maybe this last patch made something because since that time my main hall wasn’t collapsed anymore so far. I had to rebuild it just after the patch tho.

All and all with a “stair” pattern we should build as huge as we want. so wall ceiling on top diagonal support in between em on that ceiling a wall again ceiling on top diagonal support…rinse and repeat should work (especially when you made this from 2 or more sides touching each other. therefore it creates a “triangle” which is one of the most stable forms in architecture. Just think about IRL bridges they all use triangles forms for strengthen stability)

also inverted sloping walls should work like the diagonal supports.

Because it’s huge and it doesn’t easily allow for proper support for a roof.

It can be done, but it’s a pain in the аss.

I’m really not sure why they decided to make it as big as they did.

I built a building for mine, it ended up being bigger than my main residence, and it was a full three towered castle.

And btw 9x9 is the magic number if you don’t want it to look like shìt.

That’s not always possible, that only works if the outer limits are foundations. This game allows people to build things their way, it’s one of the selling points of the game, that said, for example a cliff edge, so now the only option is "No you can’t build it that way you have to be on the ground 8x8… that’s just a silly constraint, or you can try stupid pillars (which is just silly, I’m not sure why they tried to give us degrees in engineering, it’s a damn game, if the foundation is 20 the roof above even 20 floors should just be the same, this isn’t real life, in real life we would have MANY MORE OPTIONS to fix stability.)

The simple fact is NO BUILD ITEM in the game should be so big as to restrict WHERE a player can build.

well yea… map room is waaaaaaaaaay to big… I would like to build it inside with enough space to walk around it and place some object in the same room as well (make a library or something as i play at RP server). They should reduce its size at least by 50%. Current model is restricting gameplay

I kinda like the map room as is.