Map size for Siptah

While I was hesitant on the smaller map, it hasnt been that bad yet. My only complaint on it is the time it takes to travel from one side to the other. Even on a mount it took a long time. My suggestion would be maybe have an ob on each side for people to port to. This way we can still explore but a bit faster if you’re trying to help someone with a surge or in general.

While I certainly miss the convenience of having my base located right next to an Obelisk, I think it might be a mistake to add them to Siptah. The map is quite a bit smaller, after all.

I dont think 1 on each side would ruin the aspect of the map though. Not saying put down 4 or 5 of them and don’t have maprooms. You would still have to run to the obelisk wherever they are. Yes it’s smaller but the travel time from M to someone in D is quite a long run or ride. They could even make it where when the storm is active the obelisks don’t work just like you can’t lay a bed roll in the storm.

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So you don’t mean an Obelisk like we know and love/hate them from the Exiled Lands, you mean more like a portal to go from East to West or vice-versa, but with nothing buildable by players?

I think having no obelisks at all is actually pretty nice because people have to actually travel the map. The map is also in a way East vs West. The map is designed for mounts and promotes conflict.

It will be fun and interesting for the first 10 or 50 hours, after that you are just looking at the same place every single time, i suppose that this will get annyoing once the map is not a new and exciting thing anymore.

So It was designed mostly for PVP as opposed to PVE then? Which is great because it does allow for that but as a PVE the run trying to take someone a thrall or something is long. Overall I like the map, just the travel time is a bit much at times.

It is just designed for mounts regardless if you play PvE or PvP. If you want to be closer to the thralls, move your base closer or make a wheel of pain outpost. Generally, there will be always people who like the fact that there no obelisks (like me) and people like you who don’t. Your opinion is as valid as mine.

Right. Prevent players from building around it so you dont get those jerks who block it. Or even better maybe they could impliment a special recipe that you have to find where you can make something that allows for a 1 time port to the other side but you have to craft it each time. They could even put a cooldown on it so like once or twice at most an hour. That way you still have to map conflict and the running but also the option to port. Just suggestions but I’m sure most love the map as is which other then this I do too.

Absolutely your opinion is just as valid. I never said it wasn’t and I feel like at no point did I make it seem like your opinion never was. I merely stating what I dont like about the new map and making suggestions. I also didnt say for me to be closer to thralls I said in terms of helping someone else the run is long. Even with multiple bases, which less face it the map isnt big enough for that, the run, on mount, can be long to the other side. Like I said, this is my opinion on it. Everyone else is free to voice theirs as well either pro or con for it. That is after all what the forums are for especially in EA.

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