Master armor plating help please

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Can someone tell me how to get this. Maybe it’s still too early and my brain isn’t at its best yet, but I cannot find it anywhere. I’d like it put it on my thrall’s armor

The recipe for it is a random drop in vaults so start go through them and hope for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Crap, my bad. This is on the Exiled Lands map. I don’t see it listed under anything in my feats, and the wiki doesn’t say anything about it being from a recipe. Google was no help at all lol. But thanks for the response :grin:

On exile map you can get it at the warmaker dungeon I think :slightly_smiling_face:


Well damn. I’m not near ready for that dungeon. Oh well. Thanks again :metal::grin:


Well you are !!!
You don’t need to be more than 40 level to go Inside this dungeon, but certainly you need a really good thrall. Starting from easier, Teimos, Relic hunter, Berserker. Each of these thralls will help you do the dungeon, or at least the objective of this dungeon. But entering low levels ain’t gonna give you the recipes, but surely really fast level up, either for you or your thrall. Do not engage the Champion, avoid even the neighborhood. Arena champion fight, is a flawless fight for champions, so yes avoid this for now. And if you ever decide to do this fight, go alone.
Now, to be able to take the recipes you must be 60, since if you haven’t unlock the epic armors you can’t have them full.
If you want epic armor for free go and kill in the mount of the dead. On this village you have Cimmerian steel armor pieces dropping all the time, totally free armor and very good. I always dress my thralls with this armor, especially on my low lvls.


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