Maw of the Hyena: better than what 😳?

I have been using a Maw Hyena to cut some meat, but I wonder if there is anything better than it
What is your favorite?


The Maw of the Hyena is the best cleaver in terms of harvest power. It is also a very rare drop so it has the added benefit of bragging rights. :wink:


I didn’t know, thank you :blush:!

Good hunting!

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You are extremely lucky!
This boss is not a standard spawn!
This boss has no main drop, you may kill ten and find nothing inside!
This boss drops 3 items
Maw of Hyena
Doom hammer
Claws of Jhebaal sag

Maw of hyena is a really rare drop in exile lands, congratulations, really!

If you ever play in another server, or things will go really wrong and loose it, star metal cleaver is the next best cleaver with really low difference! The benefit of star metal is that you don’t need legendary repair kit to repair it and you can repair it even if it brakes! Be very careful and don’t brake the maw of hyena because you can’t repair it, only decor on weapon rack :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Last but not least all the tools perform better with advanced tool upgrade or oil of harvest!
I would suggest you not to use oil on Maw unless you have a blacksmith that can produce legendary repair kits!
On cleaver I never use oils, but don’t listen to me, do what you wish and maybe you will be able to know something that we don’t :wink:. Play, risk, learn, enjoy and share please :grin:

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Thank you :slight_smile: !
I was so happy since DaVice told me it was indeed a great cleaver.
I do remember 3 years ago to have a couple of Doom Hammers I gave to my Thralls.
Oh!, and I recruited a lady who crafts the legendary weapon repair kits :smiley_cat: .

Good hunting!

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