Meat grinder or some way to "downgrade" meat

I farm UC quite often, as I am still missing 1 item, but I never bother to take the exotic meat with me, because I use mostly only Aloe soup to heal (and exotic shellfish for the wheels).

So it would be great to kinda “downgrade” meat. Exotic -> Exquisite -> Savoury -> Feral.

Player can “stretch hide” to get 2 Hide from 1 Thick Hide, so why not implement a way for flesh?

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The grinder is already there - they just need a recipe for sausages.

But meat doesnt do anything in there… Or in the press :smiley: Have no problem which device, but please let us do it.
For thick hide to normal hide, you dont need even a machine…

…there, i farted on your burger.

There’s Blood Sausage craftable at the fire camp.

Now if only you could press or grind meat into blood. Right now, only human flesh, carcasses and heads can be pressed into blood.

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