Meathooks Minions - the passing of our leader - Meathooks

I am shattered and broken to have to announce the passing of our leader - Meathooks - aka David. David’s heart condition continued to worsen over the years. The man with the kindest heart and most gentle soul passed away June 20,2024.

Meathooks created Meathooks Minions back in 1998 and has been actively gaming since that time in a variety of games. Since that time, Meathooks has impacted so many and made tried and true friendships that have lasted through the years.
David and I met in AoC in 2008. Funny enough we met in a Kylikki raid. We became fast friends and in 2010 we were married. We spent years in AoC making lifelong friendships and so many became our online family. We gamed together, vacationed together, shared our lives with so many.

To honor him and allow those that could not attend his funeral, I will log into AoC Sunday July 7, 2024 at 3pm eastern and open our discord to anyone that would like to come hang out, laugh, share stories, and just be together.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow and looking forward to all the stories and memories you have. Please feel free to join and just listen in if you like.

I will post the discord information in game once I log in.

Meathooks Minions

aka Judy


My condolences, it was always a lot of fun doing T3 with you guys. -Mike