Meteors: How do they work?

Hello, Exiles!

After hunting and farming some star metal meteors, I find myself wondering - how the heck do they work? I realize that we have probably been through a few different iterations of the star metal meteor system (you used to be able to see the meteor shower from all over the map, now it’s more localized). But I am curious about what the cycles and timing and expectations should be for a standard, let’s say official PvP server.

For example, how often do they spawn? Is it a real time timing, or something tied to the world’s night/day cycles? Before the next cycle starts, is there a “clean up” to remove previously spawned star metal meteors? What is the timing between?

I know that meteors can (or at least used to) destroy player built structures. Can they also kill random mobs? I swear that I farmed a node that was on a saber tooth cat “perch” where 1 or 2 kitties often groomed themselves.

If anyone has a guide, or understands the inner workings of the star metal meteor system, I would love to see a comprehensive break down. Thank you in advance!


All explained on the wiki.


Not sure if it’s still up-to-date, but the wiki article on Meteorites had quite a lot of crunchy math bits (particularly on timing & frequency) that may answer your questions:


Apologies for not checking the Wiki first. There is a lot of good information there, and that is helpful. Thank you both.

Do the nodes ever despawn? Based on the details on the Wiki - the meteor showers do seem pretty doggone rare.

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They should despawn after a while, at least when the next shower is. Maybe @AlrenStorm or @Multigun if they could try looking it up if they have time.

They last for quite a while, but I’ve observed them despawn when another shower is imminent.

As you know, @Cauthey, I’ve been studying this phenomenon now with a team from the Spiced Tea Emporium and I have come to some basic understandings. When the server despawns the nodes (which is an event in itself), there is a chance they will still visually remain due to server desync. This usually happens quite late in the server’s 24-hour clock, and is hard to replicate.

And a heads-up: Originally I was camped out at Skyfall Ridge, but to my dismay (thanks to the distant thunder of a storm out of camera view :frowning: ) it’s not the optimal place to catch all the meteor showers.

Here’s the one earlier in the day:


They do kill sabers. I was fiddling with Pippi mod command “/meteor” yesterday and one of the two sabers living on a cliff near the big sitting statue was killed after all :cry:

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No wonder those cats are tough as nails… :open_mouth:

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