Meteors on single player?

After years and countless hours a meteor storm happened on my single player game. Just checking: Was this plain luck, or has something been done to improve this on the latest patch?

On Siptah it is MUCH improved. If I hang out more than a half hour I get showers pretty frequently. It makes getting star metal so much better. Definitely fixed for me.

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On Siptah, its really cool. I was farming in the area near the dark tower. It was quite a nice surprise to see a meteor shower. After I finished up, I thought, I should go collect some star metal. So I was going through there, collecting and fighting. I was nearly finished when a second meteor shower opened up. Standing in the zone when a meteor shower is happening was really awesome! Fortunately, I was not struck, but it was a really cool experience.


The actual visual is spectacular when you are underneath it. It would be really cool if they could add more dynamic events like this to the game. Elder Gods falling from the sky?

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I play on PS4 and believe me I’ve seen a lot of meteor showers the past years , still I have met a lot of players that haven’t seen it yet , strange but true

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