Minimap - tracking

The game urgently needs these two things

I am not talking about mods although I know they can help.

  2. Signage on the mini map and map for your friends. A dot of some color indicating where your friend is. Besides de map and minimap: Signaling on the screen indicating where your friend is, as Far Cry does and many other games. Right now It is impossible to find your friend.

Extra: This will be also cool: Location function: For example in Final Fantasy your friend can write “<pos>” and will be marking a location on the map with coordinates. It is a chat comment that becomes clickable when using the <pos> statement. Clicking on it opens the map showing a point where your friend is.

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Although I doubt they will add this, I 100% agree this should be a thing. It is NOT immersion breaking, and will help friends and clans work together. For those that do NOT want a minimap, just give us the option (like in a hundred other popular games) to disable it or hide it.

Lots of people want this. The game is lacking so much needed info, but the lack of a minimap is the most frustrating.

There were a few minimap mods in the workshop, but Funcom keeps making changes that break the mods and the mod-makers refuse to turn a work of love (their mod) into a full time jobs just to keep it working.

Please… give us a minimap, OR let the mod-makers use your kit and rely on it not to break with every single update.

No never gona hapen, Think its bad ide whit an minimap.

A way to keep track on yore clanmembers and bases can work…

The grid system works fine. Also, plenty of world sites to rondevou at. Satellite tracking on a mini map doesn’t seem like it would mesh with sword and sorcery. I’d suggest shooting the light arrow up in the air like a flare.

Not much to fit into survival games I guess, not at least in hyboria unless you craft a compass, but it just show where is North and nothing more. Remember this is Earth at the Pangea Era, so “future” stuff is out of the question, only “magic”. or Sorcery, if you prefer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I rather have a learned ability to show footprints on the ground that fades after a while, you know, like a tracker, could be taught by a hunter npc in the wild, an assassin, a dancer on settlements, camps. We could even track animals, each category having its colors, white for humanoids, yellow for canines… and so on.

Map reading even today, especially in the military, is a vital skill and sometimes reading maps without a compass happens. Orientation to the terrain is a key to this learn the map and your golden.

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Yes so thrue, and a Cleans screan as a +, what i ment whit the comapss is be able to track nerbye clam members. So easy to be separeated when runing to some plase.

Really the dev’s should fix the Sun and moon so they rise in the east and set in the west, with a low arc in the south. I thought it was funny during the Halloween mod that the moon was in the north this time, but shadows were being cast from the south.

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