[Mission][Item] Tinker bug, lost my items

When I gave the 250 Tinker tokens to Tinker, the NPC gave me nothing…
I suppose it’s because i already had the Vaccum Desert Nomad set.
I was aiming the special reward for the 500 tokens with the help of my org.

So with this bug i lost lot of hours in this farm for nothing, please give me back those.
I want to try this 500 tokens reward.

I hope Funcom don’t lie about it?
Because i gave a second time 250 tokens after this bug (and after using the Vaccum Desert Nomad set i had), this time i received a Vaccum Desert Nomad set, but no talk at all about the 500 reward.

Please keep us informed.

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Have Vaccum Desert Nomad set in inventory
  2. Give 250 Tinker tokens to the NPC
  3. No reward, no talk about the 500 reward too.

Additional Information
Tested on a 200 Nanomage Agent named Legenie

I petitioned in-game, but people told me that GM are too rare or inexistant now, is it true you don’t care quickly anymore for Petition?

What makes you think there is a reward for 500 tokens ? 19th Anniversary Event: June 17 - July 8 states “She will complete a gift with 500 items!” , thats the gift she makes to lure the rider there.

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