[MOD] Dangerous Exile AHDS : Alternative health and death

Hello everyone, let me introduce my new mod ! Dangerous Exile : AHDS

Developed to change some death and health (it’s in the name) systems in game.
The mod is here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001044383

“It’s very dongeourrrouss to die” - Mike Horn



  1. Unconsciousness : This mod overwrite Conan Exiles death and replace it by Knocked-out and wounds.

This mod was originally designed for roleplay server, but all features are manageables with the mod admin panel CTRL+F7 , so you can use it on PVP or PVE servers.

Mod is translated in english, french and german . If your client lang is not in this list, english is the default lang. Contact me if you want to translate the mod in a new lang

Overwritten files

This is the list of original funcom files that have been overwritten, be carefull with other mod that should overwrite this files.

  • Characters/BaseBPCombat.uasset - mandatory

  • UI/HUD/W_IngameMenu.uasset - only for ‘true death on bracelet removal’

How it works?

When a player received deadly damage (hit/thirth/…) and its HP get lower than 1hp falls unconscious to the ground and a wounds debuff is set to reduce stamina and max HP, depending on the settings :
a. A dice is rolled. This dice value set a unconsciousness duration, HP and Stamina debuff %value.
b. Fixed values (configurables by admins) are used for unconsciousness duration, HP and Stamina debuff %value.

The player is set in unconscious state (with all the control needed to disable cheat with Sexiles emotes and things like this), the mod uses Conan unconsciousness, so the player can be robbed and interacted as usual.

A widget is displayed on the head of the K.O. player with "Unconscious () for (<■■■>) seconds"

  • Other player can help a K.O. player by interacting with it, and using the radial menu to ‘Help player’. It cancel the ‘Unconsciousness’ but not the wound debuff (debuff of HP & stamina).

  • Admin can cancel both unconsciousness & debuff

  • Admin can interact with a player, use the radial menu to “Set true death”, next death will be a funcom death. Use this for roleplay and… to debug ppl stuck in Sexiles or Roleplay mod emotes

  • Unconsciousness can be extended if the server allow this option

  • A character can be finished on the ground if server allow this option

  • A character can be

Mod configuration

Mod can be configured with admin panel : CTRL + F7
Full documentation here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/2001044383

Todo and future

A lot of things will be added to this mod in the future. Actually it was intended only for the Roleplay server I own ^^ But PPL seems interested by the mod.

Next feature will be :

  • More precise damages types and locations
  • Disease system, to set player ill AND contagious :smile:

(all the gameplay functionality will have a toggle so you can choose as an admin to have the KO system and not the disease etc etc)

I’m working on it slowly but surely ^^ But currently the mod is still very new !


Join us, and don’t be afraid of all that french, there is broken-english chat for the mod questions :wink:



English and French : Moen (discord : Moen#0380)
German : Audacious (discord : Audacious#8964)


Mercury (discord : MerQiyana#6941)
Moen (discord : Moen#0380)

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