[Mod] Exiled land improved



Update of the day :

Thralls :

  • Legendary armorer can craft full regular and epic Nemedian Scout armor. Nemedian Scout Armor is a light armor with accuracy bonus and cold resistance.

Equipment stat fixes :

Since the last DLC release, Devkit didnt have any update, the ItemStatModificationTable of my mod is out to date. Therefore, Aquilonian armor bonuses are missing. I dont want to wait weeks to have an update and let my mod users with useless Aquilonian stuff, so I added the 90 bonus rows manually in the asset.
Even if the equipment does not exist in the Devkit, if I know the IDs of the items, I can create lines of codes corresponding to the Aquilonian IDs items. I took the IDs of all Aquilonian armor and their bonus, and I generate bonuses on Devkit by myself.

  • Aquilonian armors now have bonus when running my mod


Hi alex,

first i want to say thanks for your great mod which has been running without any issue by now.
If i knew how to “endorse” or support it in the workshop, be sure i would.

i wanted to craft your own creation : the new ancient queen armor.

and i realized i had to craft the regular armor pieces in order to craft the epic ones which is not very convenient and kinda weird, since funcom has finally made it so you can directly craft epic armors on the improved armorer bench without having to use the regular armor piece in order to craft their equivalant epic version.

Maybe i missed something though, but why not just make it require some “multiple fur layers” instead of the regular piece of armor, like all other epic medium armors.

you see on this pict, if you look at the crafting window on the right side, i would replace the requirement of the “regular ancient queen dress” by the material i will show you on the next pict

when looking at the crafting window at the right side, this is the item at the right side from the hyena hides (needed in 7 pieces to make the flawless hyena armor tasset in that case) i guess the name is something like “multiple fur layers” but i’m not sure so i hope you understand.

Again, well done and crongrats !


Hey Roro, I checked recipes ingame, all epic armors need regular armor version in order to craft the epic one, except for Hyena-fur and armors that dont have regular one like Lemurian queen/warrior, Zingarian Freebooter, Cimmerian fur/steel.

I dont know why Funcom made exception for the hyena-fur armor, but the majority of epic armor requires the normal version in the workbench. It does not seem so shocking to me, it’s like improving an item rather than making a new one.


ah ok fair enough then, i really thought it was the case for all other epic armors as well.
no no, it’s def not shocking, was just wondering why it was different to what funcom had done (assuming it was the case for all other epic armor of course).
But still i find it better, or more convenient if you prefer to only need 1 improved bench for epic armors than having to switch from one to an other by crafting additional items. Of course it’s subjective.
anyway thanks for the reply alex.


Hire this person already.


Question let say I wanted to try out conan hairstyle, but how am I gonna change my hairstyle without abandon my character?


You can use CharEditLite mod to change your char ingame.


Ok Thank you, will try out now.