(MOD) Follower Remote (set thrall behavior, use truncheons / potions remotely)

This one might be a bit less useful… until it is I guess :smiley: Like when you see your thralls going for that very rare thrall with their real weapons or trying to save that purge defense pet that keeps running back with no HP. Still, quite situational.




I kid, I kid


I like the idea of passive-aggressive thralls.

“Hey boss, you sure were real helpful in that boss fight.”
“Thanks boss. I’ve always wanted to wear a bikini to protect myself from arrows and monster claws.”
“Oh, don’t mind me, boss. I’m happy to carry this ton of stone for you.”
“Gruel is my favorite food. Is this heather I’m tasting?”


I find all of your mods very usefull and unique. Already running the other 2 mods of yours on my server and I love them. I don´t know where you have hidded all the time little twinkle :sparkles:, but I am glad your here now. Its your time to shine. :butterfly:

Ps: I suggest linking all your mods with eachother at the end of the mod describtion in steam. Its easier for people this way to find your work.

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Thanks :smiley:
Yea, I’ll probably link them, I was assuming that people could just click the Xevyr’s workshop link at the top and see all the rest, but I also assumed they could just get the workshop ID from the link and I was proven wrong and had to include that in the description :slight_smile:

Funcom, where ya at, QoL update director right here just waiting to be hired.

Nice work as usual

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Now this may have potential.

“Thrall has 50 hp left and going all leroy jenkins !”


Yea! they do that :smiley: it’s annoying!

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This mod got some updates as well over the past few days / weeks :slight_smile:

  • You can now access the commands from the regular thrall radial menu as well (holding the Use button when you’re not targeting anything), thus giving an option for controller users or people who cannot use the standard bindings for one reason or another.
  • Thralls can now also use bandages alongside potions (whichever they find first in their inventory)
  • Added a 5th option that makes them equip their truncheons (if they have one)



This makes sense.

It’ll need the expanded radial. You can push the joystick to an entry in the radial, but if you hold it you’ll expand the radial into about 16 new slots to play with. That’s a lot of room to grow. You’ll get the “status quo” of controller options and bindings.

I made a new demo video with the current version (replaced it in OP)

This mod got a major update in the form of a configuration interface and some bugfixes.


  • Fixed conflict with Frenzy perk state change
  • Fixed bug of getting “no healing potions” error when thrall is at full health
  • Added settings module that you can bring up with the console command dc frsettings and allows you to configure the following things:
    • Enable / Disable the truncheon swapping module (in case you want to use another mod to handle that like Better Thralls)
    • Change the position of the helper widget on-screen
    • Rebind the hotkeys used by the mod

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