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So there’s a thousand mods out there, but I’m only looking for one feature: making structures very tough.

I realize I can slide the bar down to about .1 on admin permissions, and it does nearly what I want it to - make walls hard to take down. In fact, it works pretty well, requiring about 10 bombs to move the health of the wall by 10K (on black ice T3 walls). It also holds up well against regular treb (about the same as bombs) and less well but acceptably against demon fire trebs ( about 2-5K per hit). But doors are still butter; requiring only three bombs to breach.

So currently on Ulfhedinn, I have damage to buildings turned off. It is acceptable but not the same as straight up PVP. But straight up PVP takes a base, and turns all of them, regardless of honeycombing, layers, traps, locks, etc…into butter. One or more players can breach and loot most bases in an evening…not entirely the heroic real world dynamic we see with keeps like Krak des Chevaliers or any of the historic structures of the ancient or medieval world. In CE, the only thing a Krak des Chevaliers can offer is it’s just so big, a crew may not be able to loot all of it in a night.

In other words, PVP raiding in CE is just too unrealistic to introduce on my server, it’s more a smash and crab of a local store than anything historic, heroic, or even sword and sandal.

So is there a mod out there that allows me to set structure strength, so we can have PVP raids, but realistic ones, ones that are epic, and not sneak thieves in the night? Please feel free to PM me, and move this thread if it’s in the wrong place.

I’ve just reached the point that to continue on hosting the game, I need something more meaningful than the current PVP smash and grab afk raid, and have grown tired of the PVE or even PVE-C scenario where someone truly heinous, can hide behind their walls; I’d rather let the players band together to take care of things, which ultimately is the core of PVP.

No, there isn’t a mod that lets you adjust the strength of buildings. HP of buildings is set in the ItemTable and the building blueprint, and they have to match. You cannot create a UI setting for that, as far as I know.

You are also unable to edit the HP values of all buildings, since DLC buildings are not in the dev kit. You can edit the HP value of vanilla buildings, but not DLC’s.

The only possibility I can see is maybe being able to adjust the damage of weapons that can be done to buildings, but that could be far more trouble then it’s worth and could involve editing a lot of blueprints to do so (very much not ideal). Which if that’s the case, is definitely not something that can be used for a UI setting. If not based on blueprints, then it would be based on the ItemTable. Which is also where the weapon damage itself is stored and wouldn’t be something you would want to edit, even if you could with a UI setting (unlikely), as that would nerf the actual weapon too.

Isn’t there a slider that lets you adjust the damage done to buildings?

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…Yup, there is ha ha. Wow, guess it’s been a while since I looked in there. Thanks Olumat :slight_smile:

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