Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

This isn’t about dodge though (and for what it’s worth, the Dodge system seems way more popular than the momentum/movement system).


Mikey says it very good.

For me the dodge system might work after some fixes, but I hate:

  1. The acceleration delay when running
  2. The climbing/sliding system is not usable for me anymore in this way. This is really a pity, because I just started to learn it and loved to climb to mountaineer or farm the fragments. No I dont dare to jump down somewhere……

There is nothing good about the new movement system or dodge system.
The movement system is forced now and slow, not fluid and smooth at all.
Why would you add a slow animation starting movement speed in the first place.

And the dodge and roll system is slow and clunky, I’m sorry I do not want to spend 45 minutes fighting someone or 4 people. that is a sad reason to make everything slow to force interaction with player combats.

the only benefit this has is to large clans raiding smaller clans or a single person base.
You’ve just enable more clan raiders even more raiding abilities.

Rolling out a paid dlc for a free “major” update even before the update shows where the priorities lies anymore with funcom


I can get on board with the dodging, I understand the reasoning. That aside the slow start while running definitely needs attention if everyone is going to get on board with it. Why not try scaling the initial build up speed with agility since most of us will probably put points into anyway now to help with dodging or maybe just a flat increase to make it less cumbersome and awkward. It’s at it’s worse when harvesting or just tinkering around the base and it effects jumping as well which can be an even worse depending on how your base is laid out.

There is a lot of good for pve player… I like armor horse weapon

but they killed the pvp, the game now feel sluggish as f…
you don feel you can take many opponent (base on player skill) super slow transition
-*light armor feel useless now

fight now will be:: better armor and weapon win no matter skill of player just spam

i was thinking coming back to this game but Funcom you Nail it … iam not coming back

I have to say that the new movement system does feel very sluggish. I’m getting used to it just fine, and combat doesn’t really bother me too much, like rolling and dodging and even getting away from things I want to get away from, but the thing that I didn’t expect to get impacted with the changes was the gathering speed.

Gathering feels sluggish too, as if the character animation resets its movement after each swing of the pick or axe. It’s about .25 seconds worth of a delay (no, it’s not server lag, it’s an animation reset), and that adds up when you’re swinging thousands upon thousands of times.

It would also be helpful if the system felt a little more intuitive and responsive. Some of the delay in movement acceleration of direction changing feels just a tad too slow to be immersive. It breaks the feeling that you’re out in the world living on the edge of danger as a badass desert barbarian. Slight tangent, but it actually reminds me of those surreal dreams where you are trying to run from something that is chasing you, but you can’t seem to pick your legs up fast enough no matter how hard you try.

I like the direction yall went in, but I think it’s in need of some fine tuning a bit more to make it feel more responsive. :slight_smile:


In another thread I started I expressed my thoughts on it; the game had just enough player power fantasy with the old movement system that I felt I could outplay NPC’s while still making it fun. I now feel like I’m the weakest person in all of the exiled lands, and it’s not even close.

The dodge itself is OK. I can get used to it. Feeling like I’m an unfit fumbling exile straight out of the womb when I want to walk or sprint is not fun, especially during combat where I would feel like anyone who could climb, fight, and brave these lands would be quick on their feet and be able to “move” with general ease.

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Speaking about details of implementation, there’s one other thing I disliked very much (though I feel whole thing misguided on idea level, and dislike it as a whole), is the way it handles sprinting direction. From how it feels, character can’t sprint sideways, and it could be explained of course, but the way it’s implemented is annoying: if I’ll release the forward button even for a moment, the sprinting stops abruptly and it delays whole maneuver - even if I’ll start moving diagonally again, I will have to go through the whole viscous, sluggish picking-up-speed process again. It’s terribly annoying.

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Has anyone else felt like stamina is less now with the new movement? I can’t tell if it’s because stamina is depleting before the sprint animation kicks in or what but I just don’t feel like I have the stamina I used to.

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Not a huge fan of the dodging but I like the momentum run, at full sprint is still the same for me, doesn’t bother me at all and have not ran into any issues in base or anything. Really enjoy this update.

I chose the ‘neutral’ answer - the system isn’t as heavy-handed as I feared it was going to be but it still could use some adjustment. For me it’s just on this side of being a bit too much. One of the things I loved about CE was how crisp and responsive the movement was. I fully understand why the change was made in regards to disengagement from combat situations being too easy and taking some of the danger out of it, but I still think it could benefit greatly from having the momentum system lightened a bit so it doesn’t quite feel so sluggish.

A very, very light touch is what’s needed I think.


I really dislike the movement changes, to the point that I registered just to vote and complain about it. It feels like I am walking on ice, and it makes moving around in my base, harvesting items, building, exploring and sorting items very unpleasant.

I understand that it will make it harder to disengage in battle and avoid getting hit by simply walking away. But while it may improve PVP, it makes everything else that requires movement much worse.

Perhaps only have the slow down of movement apply after a dodge? Or only when you have your weapons raised? Or only when you are in combat? Because this movement change is frustrating and anti-fun, at least for me.


And thats why you voted neutral?

I am amazed what people VOTE and what the say/writer afterwards, because its a contradiction…

PS.: You are not the only one, where I thought that… And on reddit I get lectured by complete noobs, who dont have a clue about enough game mechanics, that it is smooth now! (But they also say, it was smooth before…)… I think I just stop reading and answering, because honestly I dont know if it is even worth it anymore…

I completely understand the frustration of the momentum-based movement. I think it needs to be tweaked a little more smoothly if it is to remain a feature. Turning should not be so slow, and the initial slow start can be a bit faster. Also make the dodge roll a little faster as well, or maybe scale it with higher agility points. I can adjust to these changes if they adjust themselves.

I like the fact that you guys are trying but you are listening to the wrong crowd, RP’rs think they know what they want because they are full of “what if” and imagination. Though, ( some can have good ideas and should be heard as well) judging their feedback on PVP it is not what you want to go by entirely. A lot of these forums are discussed among RP’rs but most people that just play the game and get their kicks for the day and like to PVP are not on here every day telling you how to design your game. I am sure not always the case but I can say the majority.

That out the way, I would like to say I am an avid PVP’r and am part of a group of pvp’rs that love to do just that. The combat needs to be more fluid and more responsive, also different weight classes has to mean something again and agility stat has to feel like it is doing something. If you want to balance heavy armor add more armor value, if you want to balance light armor because you are too nimble and can kill heavy’s make it not withstand harsher elements so heavy’s are safe in certain scenarios… Not saying that you should do that but more so giving you an idea of what I think are balancing vs what I think is not and what you have done is not balancing.

Maybe, there should be speeds based on what you’re doing like harvesting should be sped up way more, weapons are good keep them at the same speed, speed up momentum, allow moving forward farther when falling, make rolls from different weight classes noticeable, slow down mobs attack that lunge, make shields block better, make it so you stagger when you get hit while rolling, some of my suggestions as a PVP’rs first time posting his thoughts.

I have not yet had time to extensively play with the new momentum movement. I like the idea of where Funcom is going, however I believe there does need to be rebalancing. I feel positively ponderous when starting to move from a dead stop and I have no feeling of being agile.

I have read that climbing is now more dangerous and will have to test that out, but if true climbing was a revolutionary change that truly elevated Conan as a game. Climbing is fun and daring and didn’t need to be more realistic. Hurling yourself down a high cliffside, skipping sideways from handhold to handhold was great fun!

Others here have talked about non-combat movement pain, and I agree. If I am moving about my base from craft station to chest, having to ponderously turn and lean in to move my bulk forward is annoying. Moving from tree to tree or rock to rock for farming is not much better.

SUGGESTION: perhaps engage momentum when sprinting but leave old acceleration mechanic in place for normal movement. So you can rapidly accelerate to the normal trotting speed, but it takes effort due to momentum to wind up to full sprint speed. I think this might also address climbing.


The new movement is way to sluggish and feels like the player is in a slow motion instant replay. Just a suggestion I am in an active army light fighter unit. Every Monday was have a “bonding run” where we run 10 miles slightly faster than a 8 minute a mile pace, at the completion of the run we do an obstacle course that involves climbing walls, dodging, jumping, balancing and rope climbing.

The speed the character moves at is way too slow and uses way too much stamina, my guy is level 60 looks like a fit fighter but moves like a weak novice.


Would make sense… You normaly dont have such a big wind up speed for WALKING! But sprinting/running is different…

Accidentally clicked like, when I actually meant to dislike. Most polls have the positive option on the top and negative at the bottom. Force of habit.

I mainly dislike this feature for the same reason many others have pointed out. It makes my character who should be athletic and strong feel sluggish and slow. It also feels clumsy in general. It is sort of immersion breaking for me. All the frames seem to slow down, including clothing/armor tassels flowing and details like that, so I think that’s adding to immersion breaking. I understand the need for pvp balance, but it needs tweaking and polish and the end result should still feel like your character is athletic and that you’re not playing a video game with obvious frames simply being slowed and should rework graphics to match the actual movement you are adjusting for.

The option “I am neutral or I would like to see some adjustments to embrace them” seems too generic to me. This option includes those who don’t care and those who want to see some changes about the current state of this redesign.