Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

I like the concept of the new system but the acceleration phase could use some speed up.

I dislike it, the caracter feels heavy even in a light armor. When we run, we cannot change directions, it’s like we are cars and we need to stop rushing to be sure to not fall of a cliff… Cliff that you can no longer hang on to save your life !
Some people don’t have good computers and fall a lot because of the lags. Please, don’t forget them !


welcome to the forums. as it appears that your feedback is about the dodge/roll mechanic rather than the run/jump/climb mechanic, you may want to post your feedback here:

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I chose the middle ground, but I think the momentum should only apply to Sprinting mechanics.

If the new momentum system applied only to Sprinting, it could solve the issues people have with crafting, gathering, and climbing while still helping limit disengagement in combat :slight_smile:

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Slow acceleration when starting and stopping.

Lack of control when starting and stopping.

Inability to alter your character’s direction when falling.

Dodge/roll animation looks clunky.

Inability to quickly change direction.

In my opinion, this movement update does not make the game ‘realistic’. Modern day athletes, fighters, and soldiers would agree. Quickly changing direction is a part of almost every sport. Rolling around like a grandpa getting out of bed wouldn’t help you as a soldier. Losing control of your body and lack of speed when accelerating would be detrimental as a fighter.

This game is based in a time where lack of physical capabilities and athleticism would leave you dead in the sand with an axe in your back. Unless there is a new hidden stat called arthritis, this movement system is pretty bad and needs to be tweaked at the very least

Speed up the animations. Give us back control of our characters.



I say remove the momentum based movement and instead go with a health based system. The more hurt you are the more sluggish you get. You already have hurt animations. If I get low on health I shouldn’t be able to sprint away full speed.


mining animation–a bit slow, but it is mining so other than a fraction of time more spent out harvesting, i can live with it.

Dodge roll—First time i felt i had a chance to avoid hits in Heavy against any NPC. the side roll is the better of the three directions. Back roll and forward roll seem to be more about attack, counter attack, and side to side is avoid. That is really how it should be.

Acceleration–a bit slow, an does feel unresponsive at times. But in general, the more i played, the less i noticed and started to game learn it (which is after a while to adjust, it feels 2nd nature).

Mounts—Still breaking a horse, so no data yet.

Parkour—I miss the ability to cliff dive. I have a feeling this is intended though, as that was one of the easiest escape tactics from cliff fights.

I have tried to add those keymapping items into my input.ini file but for some reason it is not registering and still using WASD.

As for the movement issue, I think what they were going for is making your movement more strategic in combat so that you weren’t just tumbling all over the place. Have you tried a high agility build? I, personally, have not put anything in agility yet and still find combat acceptable and similar enough to what it was before that it isn’t too jarring of a change. While I think they need to tweak the dodge/roll a bit, the movement itself seems more weighted and satisfying to me… shrug

This post is absolutely correct. I chose neutral to the poll; I believe that the change could be implemented, however needs tweaking in its current state. Harvesting stone and wood is slower now, and as CodeMage indicated it feels cumbersome to even move around within your base now. The momentum acceleration seems unrealistically slow. Jumping forward from a stand-still seems to barely jump any distance at all now, and again has a very unrealistic feel to it.

I personally do not engage in PVP as often as many others, but I can understand the reasoning for implementing the momentum. I would like to see this momentum mechanic implemented, but tweaked or improved so that life as an exile is not such a cumbersome, “slow clumsy” (as earlier put) endeavor for day-to-day living outside of PVP.


Its quite an indirect nerf at the Oil of bounty, which uses a timer… You need longer to go from one stone to another and you even pick slower…

A trick I do is to un-arm in between nodes to buy more time with it…but i get your point. TBH, after getting a foothold on server, i don’t use the bounties for harvesting anymore. 2 FoP are better served for semi-permanent weapons imo.

The movement / momentum is okay… I get why it’s changed and I hated the running for 2 hours pvp.

The jumping / parkour / in air controls makes me very sad. It was one of my favorite things in the game.

Imo you have too much of a tendency of pendulum swing changes. Like the Annihilater or Lifeblood spear, you nerfed to uselessness.

Maybe you should have only implemented the new roll first and see how it worked. Or only apply momentum to sprint, not the normal run / air controls etc.

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I was having trouble with the forum chatbot, so I accidentally chose the wrong vote. I definitely dislike the new movement. It resembles the realistic physics of characters in late Rockstar titles but without the animations to compliment it. Now you just get forced into slow-motion from time to time. Not a good game-play flow in my opinion. It just feels like the game is lagging.

I would also like to add that some enemies have about twice the speed and range of the player character. So play your own game?


I am not a fan of player acceleration. We’ve had 1½ years of fast, responsive movement and now you decide to put the brakes on. I believe that’s a wrong move to take with a game that’s been out for that long. Movement is a key pillar in feeling engaged with a game, and right now I am definitely not engaged.

  1. I keep a tidy base. After collecting a bag full a loot, running from chest to chest, station to station is so bad. The wind up just irritates me.

  2. As a base building survival game with a lot of grind for acquiring materials, it is equally irritating accelerating from rock to rock, plant to plant, or animal to animal. It only amplifies the grind, pushing me away from the game.

  3. The only games I recall playing in the last decade that have acceleration is Sonic and Mirror’s Edge. Those games employed acceleration because it suites their design. Acceleration simply doesn’t fit in Conan Exiles or any of its related genres (7 Days to Die, Minecraft, Factorio, The Forest). It’s just not that kind of game and, IMO, the expectation from gamers who come from other survival games are not looking for it. Base building, surviving, RP’ing, adventuring. Those experiences need to come first.

  4. The only place I feel acceleration could maybe get accepted is when going from a running to sprinting state. I would be okay with a very brief wind up for that. 500 msec tops to get a feeling for it, but not be washed out by a blatant wind up. As for going from a dead stop to running state however, that needs to go back to its original implementation.


Click on Hide Results and vote again :slight_smile:


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Reason I dislike the new momentum movement is just because that the old one was better in every way. I like the fast phased aspect of the game. That’s why I also dislike all changes that slow down weapons and stuff around it aswell.

Feels like nerfs is the easiest way to try make PVP balanced. But not the best. If we really dont want people escaping that easy, just go back to the old spear meta and make the other weapons fitting the meta spear.
In that way ppl will struggle with escaping, cuz they will be dead before that scenario happens.


I would have voted ‘like’ if the momentum was a bit faster. The new roll is growing on me, however, the character gains momentum unrealistically slow. I can gain speed IRL faster.


I love this change. We shouldn’t be able to fall off a cliff and hang on like Spiderman. Died twice yesterday to this new change. Love that I feel danger on top of a mountain side.

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As a former competitive swimmer, fish can run and roll too, very fast in fact.

I have to say, Funcom’s interaction with the community through the Thrall Limit feedback thread makes me pretty apprehensive about that statement, but as we the players have extremely limited (to apparently no effect on Funcom) in recourse or response, here we go again…

I will update my view as I have only had 1 day of playing with it so far, but right out the gate, the new movement is a ball and chain for your character. This is coming from a PvE standpoint, and much like many of my other criticisms of this patch, you are going to keep alienating and hurting your PvE player base with changes that may be aimed at PvP.

Funcom needs to stop forgetting that this game is largely structured around building and gathering. You can insist on wanting to make a more engaging game with regards to combat, but you are hurting the other parts of your game with each wrecking ball decision.

What the movement change has done so far as I can tell:

  • Made decisions during fighting more important as paired with the change to the old dodge as the old dodge allowed for disengage and escape


  • Made engaging multiple enemies nearly a death sentence, or at the very least, harder to gauge and no means of untangling yourself from a unforeseen mess of enemies.
  • Due to the point above, greatly slowed down the pace of fighting leading it to be far more boring and much more of a time sink that I dont particularly want to deal with. Its now a complete slog and boring as hell to try to fight through a capitol city
  • Due to the slow reaction time of the player character moving, theres more of a blur of if I am messing up in combat vs. the actions of the player character just not keeping up. This leads to frustration. That leads to not really wanting to deal with it. That moves combat from the fun category for this game to the tedium category of ‘Other games do it much better, so why waste my time here?’ This game was for building for me, and every addition and adjustment Funcom makes seems to be moving it further and further from that standpoint that appeals to me.

Moving away from combat (since I am not terribly invested in it in this game anyhow) and on to the things I do enjoy doing (which caught all the fall out of the poor additions with this last patch) building and exploring:
Cons Continued:
Initial startup of moving always feels like I am over encumbered no matter the situation. This comes negatively into play across many fields

  • Moving from spot to spot while building is cumbersome and feels like a weight tied to my foot. Its taking me longer to accomplish the same thing as before, and for essentially no reason.
  • Moving from harvest point to harvest point. With this movement change, you are making the most tedious and boring part of the game (harvesting stone and wood) take that much longer. I can’t think of anything worse then taking the least enjoyable part of your game and making it less enjoyable (and take more time).
  • Climbing. This movement change has terribly effected climbing. Jumping up a ledge now seems to take multiple tries for my character to actually latch on. By the time it happens, I don’t have stamina left. This doesn’t happen every time, but it is consistent. Yet one more irritation. You essentially removed the parkour element out of this game and thats really too bad. Exploration of the map and movement used to be fun. It isn’t anymore.
    edit - Also add to the fact that starting up a sprint, by the time I finally get past walking, I have used 1/3 of my stamina bar. This momentum thing greatly handicapped stamina in a massive way.

If you allow me to add the Dodge change into this movement thread (as they are connected), the dodge change also played into this negatively. The new dodge may be more precise, but overall, it now feels like your character is moving through molasses.

The game is far less fun to play when it feels like your character is always in slow motion or has a lead weight around his ankle. It may be more tactical, but it isn’t more engaging. Its obnoxious and removes the enjoyment of the game.

The above cons are my problems with the movement, but connected to that and moving to a encompassing issue:

Can we please not be your test focus group with a live and long released game? Please?
Sure, feel free to experiment on your test servers, but giant sweeping overhauls shouldn’t be coming to systems players are engaging with and enjoying. You lost your chance at that when you released the game. From here out, it should adjustments and additions, not overhauls.

All you are doing is frustrating long term players who have little to no choice in the matter other then to be jerked around by any random idea your dev team has or leave the game. Not only are many frustrated and dislike these ‘overhauls’, these overhauls are often directed at problems many of us don’t believe are problems, negatively effect our game time, and worst of all, usually come against protest and then you ask after the fact how we like it? Thats entirely backwards. If you destroy my game time with a system you overhauled, good chances I wont be positively reflecting on those changes.

Funcom is treating this game like it is still in early access and changing it from a game that it was. If you want to make a different game, make a new game. Don’t overhaul one people are enjoying.

I also believe it is lazy to not configure the servers to the different player bases.

I mean, if you truly believe it Funcom, please just come out and tell us:
Do you not care about the players that enjoy the building side of your game? Is there not a place for us in this game other then solo and private servers where we have to do our best to keep dialing back all the heavy handed restrictions and crippling changes being imposed on us?

Seriously… I don’t feel the need to buy any further DLC at this point. Can you just give me a nice solid answer that you are designing the game away from my style of play and I need to stop wasting my time with you?

I would have thought otherwise from the DLC that came before this and all the community encouragement you gave to the builders. But apparently there was a polar flip of opinion at Funcom and every choice rolled out seems to negatively target the builder players…

I suppose a response isn’t terribly needed however… These overhauls speak for Funcom themselves…
From my perspective, the message is:
'Yes, we think you are a minority and therefor don’t really give a ****."
“Yes, the game is still technically in early access and there is no guarantee that after you buy it, that it wont be overhauled into a new game that wasn’t advertised to you and was your initial purchase.”
“Yes, we will follow any exciting idea that pops into our heads no matter how greatly it effects the game or alienates and pushes portions of our player base away.”

If these overhauls were actually welcome additions, you wouldn’t be seeing poll after poll of ‘I dislike the new changes’, but they are walking all over what players that have been playing know and love about this game.

You are not seeing the forest for the trees…

You are cutting off your nose to spite your face…

Im sorry for being harsh here, but I do admit that after being forced from my official server to a private server due to the other changes that were force upon us and now while trying to rebuild, dealing with these other irritations that completely don’t take my play style into account and pretty much craps all over it, and what seems like a complete disconnect of communication between dev team and players… I’m a bit irate.

I am trying to be fair in my assesment and I am sure plenty of others enjoy these things, but as a player that has been faithfully playing Conan since early access, invested in every DLC individually except for this last insult with the horses, I feel that I have been pushed into a corner and fruitlessly yelling into this vacuum of space is pretty much the last ditch effort of representing a play style in your game that you, Funcom, has essentially forgotten about and entirely neglected.

I don’t really consider this a sandbox game anymore. Sandbox games provide freedom. Not getting pigeon holed into how YOU want me to play the game. You are the deve, you do get to make the choice, I just hope such short sighted choices come with repercussions so you have at least the slightest bit of recognition that you don’t really keep your full player base in mind.

We’ll see.

Due to this last patch, I am playing solo now, which is a bummer, and with the current changes we’ll see how long I last. If I last long enough to have a change of opinion on any of the above, I’ll adjust my view.