Momentum/Beast of Burden PvP balance

Disclaimer; I haven’t played PvP is ages now but it doesn’t take a genius to realise how unlimited carry weight with full movement capabilities is bad for the PvP scene.

People can run around packed with bombs, orbs and special arrows. Offline raids depend on that. I firmly believe Dynamic Building Damage should be turned on to curb offlining, especially with the Thrall changes.

Even if DBD is turned on, it still leaves online Raiders the potential to nuke a base in one trip. My suggestion for this is to make Momentum/Beast of Burden only active within land you have claim to, specifically within PvP only


Doesn’t being overencumbered still drain your stamina really fast if you do anything beyond leisurely jogging around?

It does to a degree. Which is decent balance provided there’s combat and you actually use stamina. Offlining there is typically only Thralls vs Thralls combat tho. If you’re smart enough it can be avoided by exploiting bad pathing.

No, but the regenertion is really slow. And dodging and jumping is draining it really much.

I dont think it’s an issue.

You’re right, but again if theres no fighting/minimal fighting, slow stamina regen isn’t a negative. A single guy can haul enough bombs to level your base and or take anything of worth.

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He can do it anyway even if there was limited movement. Just have a vault with you. Offline raiding is always possible.

I dont think it would change anything at all tbh

Wile you probably right about it making offlining easier, i distinctly remember after raiding someone my clan designates the first one to start yoinking to do the walk of shame, at that point the rest of us become escorts, walk speed wont make much of a difference it will happen either way, the only difference is the mule will be selected beforehand, i do think they should have some movement penalties

What does dbd do by the way?

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While you’re online and for a period of time afterwards, your stuff can be damaged.

So you cant hit people if they arent online, and at the same time logging off during a raid wont save you.

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It would provide a hurdle to raid a base completely imo. If you mean body vaults, yeah that would circumvent it. So does the Bat summon on testlive actually.

I like the idea of this, but id like to add a clause for the ones who log in one time every two weeks to rf, if your not on in 5 days for 2 hours or longer it should be raidable, or you have to have a total of 4 hours over the week to earn that other 5 days

Hmm. I like it. PvP could have a longer decay time as a base, but it could also have a shorter one like you said to enable 24/7 raids on inactive players.

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