Why no official solo servers?

Can we get official servers with different maximum clan sizes please?

Also, encumberance is a stupid mechanic in a pvp game. Everyone should be able to move at full speed if over-encumbered all the time. Punish the stamina regeneration, and make the 20 point expertise perk “recover stamina normally when over-encumbered”.

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Terrible idea

I mean tge overweight part solo official or small tribes not a bad idea

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Why is removing over-encumberance stopping you from moving a bad idea? It adds nothing to the game. The reward for 20 expertise is that you can still compete in a fight, thus the normal stamina regen. Being unable to move while gathering (which is 80% of the game) is just a bad design decision, doesn’t add anything, and only frustrates the player.

Because then u could just run full pvp builds as a farmer build i think u should have to pick im a pvp player and its taking away the importance off haveing someone to pick up kits loot in raids because then anyone can just show up and pick up what ever they want to

I all ways run overweight while im farming i have no problems with it its realistic if u had 50000 iron bars and u wasn’t any overweight build u couldn’t move only with l1 spam with daggers but going long distances this way is not fun thats why u have an overweight build to carry the loot home

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‘realistically’ is not a word that should ever be used in video game design. ‘realistically’ there is no exiled lands, no giant kings, no nothing in this game.

There are other options available now instead of dagger spamming. You could call a bat (magic) or pull your bracelet and recall your body using a circle of power.

But i do agree when your stamina gets to 0 it takes way too long to recover now.

The over-encumbrance issue is why there’s no solo.
Because a clan needs different people playing different roles.
This game is for co-op, not one-man army.

I might actually consider a solo server. Along with about a dozen of my veteran buddies. With a private discord channel, our coordination would likely be unstoppable.

With so many people would be that many main bases too, any sort of coordinated front against such collusion would fail as they wouldn’t be able to hit every location at once. If they could make a dent in one due to a lack of coordination. Let’s face it, lone wolves don’t coordinate against marshalled forces now. They’d be less likely to do so on a solo only server.

They’d quit and lose.

True. However, “internally consistent” is a concept that can, and should, be applied to fantasy. There’s only so much suspension of disbelief a gamer is capable of.

I mean, I try not to think where my character is carrying that 120 kg of stone when he’s running around naked…

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