Monitor/GPU broken after alt+tabbing?



I recently purchased Conan Exiles.
While in the character menu, I tabbed out of the game. When I tabbed back in, the game was flickering green and flashing.
I quit the game and now my monitor is having some issues. Pixels are flickering etc.
The flickering is mostly on the side of the monitor and bottom middle.
Sorry for the really bad explanation since I don’t really know what’s going on.

I’ve restarted the computer, tried changing the refresh rate and resolution.
Nothing helped.
Anyone else with some similar experiences?
Would appreciate any advice.


I am having a similar problem but for me the whole screen “flashes”, as if there was some issue with the light in some areas.
It does it in the creation menu and when transiting to darker (thanks to the bloody event) areas.
It wasn’t doing it before the event so I am waiting for it to finish to test it.


As a general rule, a game cannot break your hardware. They can, of course, tax hardware that is - due to other reasons - already at breaking point, whether due to a fault, inadequate cooling or something else. There should definitely be no way for it to damage your monitor.

As for your situation - I would start by trying another cable from GPU to monitor. Do make sure it’s securely attached of course, too many people don’t “lock in” their display cables… albeit most HDMI ones don’t allow you to in the first place, so this may not apply to you…

Unless you’re on a laptop, in which case I can’t help you as I’ve never owned one of those (used 'em for work but those were the responsibility of the IT dept…).


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