Monitor/Graphic Flickering

Hi guys,
I have a problem with monitor flickering. The flicker has a fast frequency and a white or light gray color. It comes and goes, the whole picture flickers. It occurs in some directions and in some it disappears. I think it is more common when light sources such as torches and fire are nearby, but also with reflecting water surfaces. But it does not always occur, I think it has to do with certain light or shadow conditions. The problem is new with my new PC :-/ It just seems to be in Conan, because it does not happen with Resident Evil 2 remake, for example. Lowering the graphics settings did not help. My graphics settings are on 2560x1440 + Ultra. FPS capped at 60th, graphics card Sapphire RX 5700 XT Pulse, CPU Ryzen 3600X and Eizo Foris FS2735 Freesync Monitor. AMD video drivers, Motherboard BIOS and Monitor Firmware are up to date. I am looking forward to your help and thank you for your interest.

Ok… it also happend in the game SCUM, in the same way… maybe it is a driver-issue?! Ore… I found out, that SCUM and Conan are Unreal Engine 4, Resident Evil is a different Engine and it runs fine… hmmm.


I solved the problem. The monitor was set to freesync 2, 56-144 hz, that collided with my fps cap of 60. When I set the monitor to freesync 1, 35-90 hz, the problem was fixed. In addition, I found out that some games do not support free sync and then cause this error, then you should turn on freesync in the AMD driver and on the monitor-settings and use VSync. No more flickering, strike! :smiley:


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