More Corruption

Corruption is a really underused game mechanic, but is conceptually a really interesting mechanic. If it was to be used. A health ceiling that reduces your health to 50%, causing you to become weak. And when it is used, its such a tiny amount that it pretty much doesn’t exist at all. Right now the issue is, not much things give corruption, but a lot of things remove it.

My suggestion is to increase the ways, or amount of corruption gained.

-Change corruption more to an insanity/exposure to dark sorcery, so if your near undead, Eldritch Horrors, Demons, etc, you passively gain corruption just for looking at them. Getting hit by them gives a much higher corruption yield as they leave their taint on you.

-Dancers rate of removing corruption would be reduced to 1/10th of what it is now. This to increase the usefulness of Dancers, and to make it so you can’t completely negate these changes by bringing a dancer.

-Survival Stat reduces the rate of corruption gained.

-Human Thralls are affected by Corruption. Survival stat reduces the rate of corruption.


To be honest I think the original SWG has implemented one of the best uses of “corruption” in a game. As you played, things like “cripple” and “bleed” would create what we see as corruption so the longer you fight, the more your HP pool decreases until you need to find an entertainer, whether that is at one of the NPC towns or one you have tamed.


I support the idea.

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