More Hair Styles

Is it planned? The selection is very limited especially for males.
I’d pay for a dlc with them in it.

If we add hair styles, I would like to see the ability to change them in game. Picking one during character generation and sticking with it is a bit limiting.

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I really feel bad for non-pc players, they get left out the huge and amazing mod collection content. On pc, you can have almost all your wishes fulfilled in most ways, and aesthetics is one of the big ones. There are many mods adding content to character creation choices, and I can’t thank enough all the people that dedicate their time to improve the environment with styles, placeables, building pieces and a wide variety of things.

Looking at today’s games, it’s a bit sad to see how limited the character creation options are in CE. I think even AoC has better system and options than CE, even coming from the same company.

Me and some friends were discussing this a couple of days ago. It would be really nice to add some sort of feature that would allow you to change your hairstyles. I would suggest a station that would allow you to change hairstyles and even hair color. This could be done by having 3 teirs, the first would give access to standard hairstyles, the second would grant additional styles only available in the crafting station, and the third would grant access to the additional hairstyles and the ability to dye your hair with any available dyes you own. I think this would be a great addition in a future update instead of a paid dlc.

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