More life on Isle of Siptah?

I think that will be amazing add more NPC on the map. Some camps, small towers or houses near by. It be a nice to see how they close their houses, campfires goes off, and even gates in walls are closed in storm time. We have only 60 levels, but it can be interesting to increase it only for some missions for NPC, making a game more RPG with survival.
Or a little camps with low level thrals, 1-2 of them, active only when is no storm. A bit more traders with recipes, or something more that tea for 5 coins?


Why… i feel there isn’t enough rocknoses …they need more…

I feel this map had 1-2 items in their toolkit and they just spammed them with it… Rocknoses and Birds/Deers… thats it.

I don’t want to see more Thrall camps, because that isn’t the focus of the map. Instead I’d like to see more variety of undead and beast dens roaming the map. Right now there is undead encampments that are pretty neat, I’d like to see a lot more enemy variety in those.

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Well, some T1s washed up on the beach would be good. But as far as NPC camps, I think the humanoids that inhabit the isle would make for better “enemies” to fight: like serpentmen and such. Perhaps even have a cage of 2-3 thralls that need rescuing.

Or intercepting a caravan of slavers, their prey/victims, and their overlords on the way to a vault. I mean, have you seen the bones in those places? There’s got to be a steady supply of humans to keep those places so bloodsoaked.

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I wouldn’t mind a few more camps, as long as they NPCs can’t be knocked out, or they’re T1s. And if they can be knocked out and are T1s, then the wild surges should have a better chance of spawning T2 crafters.

Otherwise we would be talking about ruining the progression for the sake of having more life.

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