Siptah: Scarcity of Resources and more

Resources are quite a bit scarcer on Siptah - at least when taking the limited amount of permanently buildable land into account. And I love it! What would be a fairly useless spot in the Exiled Lands is an at least middling-to-good spot on Siptah. I find myself planning gathering expeditions when traversing the “wild center” - while knowing it probably won’t get cluttered with ugly box-bases all over, no matter how populated the server gets.

Thralls being so much harder to acquire redeems many of the shortcomings of the pet/thrall system as well - although I find my own opinion somewhat illogical, that’s how it feels.

Never before have I been this excited for a baby Croc - or maybe it’s just that I never appreciated having a follower as much as I do after being eaten by Aardwolves every step of the way from level 1 to 20ish!

CE has always been at its best during the initial phase where you’re struggling, and it’s been a blast so far going through this in a fresh and even more unforgiving land.

There are certainly things that could be better: a queue system for the full servers, and the AI still goes DERP! when the server is busy, off the top of my head.
There’s some inevitable bugs - but generally, I’m feeling very positive.

Whether the novelty of Siptah will wear thin over time remains to be seen, of course - I am still strapped for time and have not yet reached level 60 on Officials.

Kudos to the whole team for an IMO great expansion!
Here’s some laurels, with thorns so you don’t try resting on them :smiley:


Totally agree! This Island looks way more “survival” than vanilla map. But tomorrow I’m going to swim north and to buy a MaineCoon kitten for 200 Gold Coins )))


There is much more cruel way to obtain them (if you mean the lynx cubs) :crazy_face:


It’ll be a cruel way for myself :laughing: Those beasts kill me without asking my name ) So I’ll better buy one.

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Is there a way to get the lynx besides buying them? I’ve been all over and haven’t seen a single baby

Yes, there is. Try skinning their mothers.


Allright. Giving it a go lol

The lynx cubs do spawn on map in place of the adults. I tend to clear a couple places that spawn lynx every time i go past, and sometimes find a cub

And yesterday I’ve got my first “free” Lynx cub - together with my Garfunkel bought for gold :wink: He’s very nice: not too strong but so tanky.

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I’ve got 2 sabrekitties, waiting for them to grow :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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