"Mounts" at player speed - Wagons, chairs... pulled/carried by equiped thralls

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Hello and i know that many of you are tired about mount topics. After a post that i made here i’m aware of the problems around regular mounts and the way the game is designed.

But today i have tought of something that can work as “mounts” with player speed that may not look bad.

We all know that in ancient times some types of transport used slaves. For example, a royal chair carried by four or more slaves.

This game have thralls and slavery content. I know this is cruel, but it’s a game based on fantasy AND ancient civilization that for a great time period have enslaved people. So we could have “mounts” that way.

For axample, a wagon pulled by a equiped thrall on it should give a 2x stamina boost and still at player speed. A royal chair with 4 thralls should give 4x stamina boost and so on.

I think it’s a nice workaround without the need of regular mounts. I still want them, but i think this can be nice and be fine with conan exiles lore


I think this still has the same problem as mounts.

Using the chair sitting animation works easily enough.

The problem comes with actually climbing onto it, and then you controlling multiple thralls in unison to get where you are going.

It comes down to more of an RP thing than anything practical in the game. Given that you’d probably have to dive off the chair frequently to deal with creatures, NPCs, or other players.

To say nothing of the fact that the thralls carting you around would probably have to be passive and invulnerable, or else they are killed and you are stuck with not enough thralls and a fancy chair in the middle of nowhere.

As most lrobably know they can’t add mounts at faster than run speed because loading in the enviroment and structures takes time and is best optimised at no more than run speed.

That aside the only purpose of mounts that go same speed as run would be for role playing or if they had more storage slots otherwise be quicker to just run unless there was a reason to take a mount.


That’s why i had the idea of “equiped” thralls. It can work like the content we already have in the game. Just drag a thrall there and a thrall would appear carrying/pulling the chair/wagon, it will be not a “real” thrall pulling it, only an animation when you have a thrall equiped, and the chair/wagon should work only with an equiped one.

the creature attacking u on the mount could be counterd easly by making hostile animals that would attack u when on foot to just ■■■■■■ off away from u if you on a big mount (as soon you mount off your moaunt the aggresive animals will attack you) …such as camel or something bigger…make sense…

camel mounts could have bags on it so it could be as a mobile inventory

But that would abuse the system. You’d get people with these “mounts” using it to bypass difficult monsters or NPCs and getting farther into places they couldn’t normally go.

Camels and Mammoths should probably get more inventory slots to act like bearers.

making predetors such as hayinas and wolfs and crocodils would be realistic for them to keep distence from a galooping camel or another massive ridble animal who probebly look even bigger since it would have bags on it…

have you ever seen how diffrently hyinnas react to a slight diffrence of hight for example?..
in africa one of the ways to evoid being aten by hyinnas is to make your annisial size bigger to them…they will think twice to attack you…it wil give you anough time to get to safty…seen it happen in savanas…

but defently when we talk about the real monsters in this game …that could not work with them and it might be a nice way to deal with this possible abuse… pretty sure a mamoth will not be scared of a camel…

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