Mounts coming to Conan Exiles.. Where is the excitement?

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Well, down side of this is, that nobody will ever take a no from Funcom as a secure thing and will keep speculating and asking. It’s not the worst thing but still important in player developer relationship.
Personally I was more excited about sorcery than about mounts. Still very good news for the game!


Wow it’s legit?

You guys just sold a DLC bundle!

Gives me hope for some soul corrupting crazy magic in time <3

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What with all the fixes still needed, this is about the last thing I want.


With the majority of bases so big that they don’t load up for a minute or two when you run up on them now has loading of building been improved to coincide with the release of mounts?

Why bother with mounts it will be just another ■■■■ up, the servers are so poor even with 30/40 players Gportal, add in mounts just another thing the servers have to handle. They will lag an skip all over the place.

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Sorry for the late reply!

  1. Yes, there’s mounted combat
  2. That’s the idea
  3. It’s something we’re looking into, but I can’t say definitively that it will make it in
  4. Yes
  5. Horses only

Can you have mounts for your thralls? (Asking the real questions here :))

I have to say I’m really curious how well the horses will be able to travel on the various landscape features… I can already foresee pve trolls spamming low foundation walls across passageways just to *** you off.

Thralls won’t be able to mount up and ride, unfortunately. Mounts will only be available for players.

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maybe for a later update ?

They just need to take classes from the Skyrim horses. Vertical ascent capabilities to make a jetpack jealous!

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Probably can’t answer this but, is this a short term or long term decision? I assume it’s a “we’ll see answer.”

Either way, I’m sure the Modding community will be going bananas with making mount mods, depending on how moddable the assets are of course.


I think witcher3 is a good example of horse-riding done right. It somehow feels really clumsy wrt change directions and fights, but I’m guessing that’s actually realistic… I don’t see mounted combat practical at all (except for riding the steppes at full speed and slash escaping peasants in the back of course).

Now the real real big questions will be: will your mount follow you by teleporting whenever you decide to scale a cliff? Can it be hurt by the environment when you’re not there??? Can anybody steal it???

Remember, @Jens_Erik and al, no matter what’s your answer to these questions, half of the community will be crying for months and eventually cursing you to yog for making this horribly wrong choice (and no amount of polls will save you)

I hope mounts will not work like in MMOs. I mean summon your mount anywhere and send it to another dimension when you no longer need it. CE is a survival game, we need more realism and constraints!

I hope that the horse will stay even when it’s not used, that it will be necessary to return to it when it’s needed. In fact I would like him to act like any domesticated animal of the game, with the possibility to ride him :smiley:


And that means it would just teleport to follow you!
I don’t have a really strong opinion on the matter. I like realism and immersion, generally not at the cost of quality of life though. But i can see that becoming the next big divisive topic and poor funcom will just keep gathering hate no matter how hard they try!

Im excited. .mounts! Yaay…sorcery next? Lol

The riding part, yes. The mounted combat part… no way. That was (to me) the single most disappointing mechanic in a game that is otherwise a true masterpiece.

I thought they made it clumsy on purpose… honestly I don’t see how mounted combat would ever be smooth and easy!

Maybe. Would be a weird choice though, it’s not like they went for realism in the combat system otherwise.

Check out Mount and Blade: Warband. It’s painfully simplistic graphically speaking (these days especially), but it’s got mounted combat right. By which I mean it’s fun and intuitive, not that it’s realistic. There are other games that also presumably does it well, but I haven’t played them so I can’t comment.

I guess I’m in the minority since when mounts were announced, my immediate was reaction was…meh. I have far too many questions about the mechanics, and, unfortunately, there is no one to answer those questions since none of us knows all the specifics. I’ll just wait patiently for the roll out, see what happens, and decide whether I want to bother with one.

I am intrigued by the pet leveling system, although I have long since left stopped having pets accompany me.

You’re not alone @speedice! I couldn’t care less about the implementation of mounts in the current map. I find it interesting though, because:
1 they announced almost from day 1 that mounts would never happen. They happen. That makes me hopeful about other stuff
2 implementation of mounts at that stage when half the forum posts are about “this game is dead” makes me think the game has a rich future ahead
3 I’m genuinely curious what will possibly go wrong, and it what order, and how painful it will be to make it go right, bug free, abuse free, grief free (I’ll make sure to buy a looooooot of popcorn)
That being said, thanks devs for the continuous hard work and the good surprises!