MP still crashes Xbox and router and modem

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Southeast USA]

As I have detailed in two previous posts (linked: Crashing to dashboard - with router & modem resets), logging into multiplayer shuts down my game, boots me off Xbox Live, and knocks my router and modem offline.
My laptop gives me this error message when this occurs:

Tonight, I have spent 50 minutes doing three reboots to my router & modem - each time logging into Singleplayer then logging into MP.

I purchased the Arnold statues DLC last night before I went to bed.
I’m starting to feel like a sucker at this point.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Conan
  2. Watch intro screen freeze for second or two
  3. Wonder if this is part of the problem I am about to experience
  4. Log into Singleplayer Offline game
  5. Log out
  6. Log into MP server
  7. Watch everything crash
  8. Reset modem
  9. Reset router
  10. Pray
  11. Repeat 1-11
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Hello @Gritland, this is indeed a tricky issue to deal with as it may stem from just about anything, doing a quick search online does bring it up with other specific games and reported fixes don’t seem to be related to the games at all, but rather to hardware or software.

For now we’ll have to suggest that you take a few additional steps to try and isolate the problem, as we have no means of replicating the issue on our end:

  • Try setting UPnP off ( source )
  • Try powering off and disconnecting any other devices that make use of the router, both wired and wireless, so that only the console is connected to it through cable
  • Check if the Router provides logs to give further insight on the crash / error
  • Check if it’s possible to limit the bandwidth for the XBOX through the router settings
  • Try using a different cable to connect directly from the router to the XBOX
  • Please attempt step 2 and 3 in this guide which specifically address the error you’re getting on the laptop
  • If possible, try to get a full router replacement, including its power supply ( source )

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