[MP] Tigress at lvl 158

So I’ve heard that it’s possible to equip Dreadloch Tigress on an mp at lvl 158. Does anyone have some information/equipment setups etc to make this happen?
Also, is it viable for PVP at this lvl vs a def setup?

Two clammers just finished this exact setup earlier this week, I forgot who it was but the setup was mix of 300 ofab and css. Looked pretty bad a, not sure if they had tested in mass war yet but it’s definitely doable. Ask in clan chat and you will find out who it is quickly I’m sure, maybe Tempz was one of them…can’t remember exactly

yes it is doable but its brutal hard and u need preety much everthing what buffing bow including tower contract trickle. i was doing that on lvl 170 couse i wanted to have bit more deff. only defference is i didnt need bow mems on that lvl but about setup u need to be nanomage armor ofab pads+ chest ql 300 rest is css wo helmet atleast ql 244 on head sureshot glases. 250 R/L arm with bow also eye imp. bow ring from CoH + LE ring. rest i dont remember exactly i was doing it more then year before

I did my 158 tigress MP last year in the summer, its 100% legit dont even need bow ncus too equip, would make life easier but would not have as good ncu for notum wars.

I’d like to admit i was not the first to get a tigress on at 158 but i was the first legit one, Shoutout to Mordack from the org Me Against The World who has since deleted his sploited 158 mp after i called him out on it. Don’t go opifex and say “TRICKLE” thats one tip for you. :rofl::joy:

true NCU are not necessery if my memory is right mi first build has also ofab pants what is basically whole skill diffence between 158 and 170. but i wasnt able to cap AS then i switchet to css pants

300 ofab pants was the hardest part of the intel twinking at lvl 158, i put ofab shoulders then chest on then had to get my tl5 crat to lmn me for the last point to get my afab pants on after taking the intel pants off. Did those just to shave some ip when doing 300 yuttos for 3rd complit stage.

So even the 300 pants can be done at 158 i just did not want them in final setup so just used to twink the cl

Hmm ok thanks for the feedback guys! And thanks for the breed info I was definitely wondering which one I should pick! According to an orgm8 264 css is possible but need (really) everything including holiday content which I don’t have on this guy, so might shoot for 254 and see how that goes. In regards to ofab pants…what are the main reasons for equipping them? Because of the +def/hp?

yes its mostly HP+deff buf. but u wont be able to cap AS 11 sec


Can’t do full 264 css I had 3 264 2 254 parts. With my setup

And as for 11sec as you should recalc mines sitting comfy on 11sec aimed shot without as back item

AS back item? Only one I saw in db was ranger cloak.
Also @ Tempzz, do you have an equip saved for what you did? According to my calcs (w/o trickle) I was about 10 short and that was with bow ncu’s

what all u calc ?

How many bow ncus? Your missing a fair amount. Makes sure you got all 4 ql 250 contracts for trickle and bow. I had to squeeze my strength ip up a little to about 65% (iirc every 20 strength gives 1 bow)

If you have 6ncus on and still to low you need to look at it again or pick an easier build. Only setups I have on auno is the final setup, some complit stages, Intel and the agil/sense part for the css. All the other stages I used for getting the bow on and mid steps are on AOS4.

Had to spend time on forums so I could make more than 3 replys sorry for wait.

I had to level my toon as a neut for bow I told clan and omni versions.

not many people know this item https://aoitems.com/item/152797/metallic-hoop/ standard shureshot glasses buffing 72

had to use a ql 200 of that ofc

So my included items for calcs were thus (based off my estimates of what was possible, from chat here seems there would have to be some adjustments but here you go):
Summoner robe 5/5, ofab pads x1 (wasn’t sure about int req…guess i can do x2), ofab ring, ofab chest, ql 264 css, grasping ring, inf crepuscule gloves, ql 278 sureshots, cama pearl x1, bow ncu ql 250 x6, combat hud, mp NICS, distance weapon guide, ql 250 bow imps, ql 250 contract/plunder tower.
Also included ranger/light art perklines, and eye of tigress/comp ranged/wrangle.

Feel free to point out what I missed. From feedback there’d be a bit of juggling such as second ofab pad isntead of cama pearl.
Also that was with current symbs/imps in so I would get some trickle from that being updated (do you put in imps for extra trickle or just use top symbs?)

you’ll need to look into it mate, way it sounds like your doing it sounds lazy and not well thought through. i’ve given you advice but some of the things your saying make 0 sense like why would you go for cama pearl in shoulder over a 2nd ofab pad and sure shot to equip bow ?

i always said ill never help omni do it, i’ve given you enough advice you should get enough from this thread, any clan willing to make the toon will always get help on the steps they need just pm me in game.

Haha ok thanks for the tips :stuck_out_tongue: and I am using sure shot glasses, I listed them. Just wanted to get an idea of what is possible and this threat provided that so much appreciated