Multiple radial wheel + scroll wheel access PS4 + stealth mechanic +

  1. Multiple radial wheel
    Maybe one for weapons and the other for building mats. It’s really annoying in console to switch back and forth via inventory window especially when being attacked while building. Like if you hold down L1 then press R1 or something, it’ll flip to the next radial wheel kind of stuff.

  2. Inventory scroll wheel should be accessible on consoles. Like Using L stick to highlight a grid but using R stick to scroll up and down the page. After learning some building materials, it gets to be a chore to get to twine, which is always in all the way at the end.

  • Custom sorting option on crafting window
  • Inventory menu should tell you how encumbered you are with number, not % or just on the attributes tab. It’s illogical and inconvenient to flip back and forth to the next page to see how encumbered I am to know what to throw away.
  1. Stealth mechanic on npc exiles and camp
    Their agro range is too wide and it seems like it’s not by their field of vision. Obviously they are all spider-man and can sense where I am from miles away without having to see me with their eyes.

  2. Controller sensitivity adjusting bar speed
    This might be a bug but every time I start the game, the right analog stick aim sensitivity is all the way up. If I try to lower it, it takes about 3 real-time minutes to go down to 0.40 in other words, it’s so slow! Why??

DLC material

  • More facial expressions. I wanna close my eyes when I sleep. It breaks immersion.
  • more hairs and clothes. Doesn’t have to be armor. There are like 10 carpets and jars that serves no purpose other than aesthetics. Why not hair and cloth on my character who I’m always going to be looking at?
  • more maps (although this is probably already on the way)
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Yess!!! I want to smile. Life is hard in Exiles Lands but when one eats, cures wounds or when some world boss is defeated I’m glad and I want to smile.

This was something I used to do with a PC controller before, with Pinnacle Game Profiler.

You were able to create Hold and Press, among other commands, that are used with a number of console controllers.

I think I suggested this once before. Holding L1 to open your wheel, and using the Down/Up buttons on the digital pad to flip the radial hotbar to a new one.

It’d be quick and easy, and add something useful to the digital pad.

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