My base was admin wiped due to salty noobs

Nonesense. If he would have put all shrines in that tiny area of his base, it would have lagged so hardly, the base would have been removed by admins do to causing lag.

No matter what you do on official right now, you can´t win. Your buildings will get deleted at some point, its just a matter of time. Big or small makes no difference, because your base is part of the core problem of the game and how can it not? And this is a fact. People need a reality check. Conan has severe server stability issues since forever. In the begining bases where small in pve and pvp, but still the lag was there and noticable. And during raidtimes in the evenings, it was sometimes barely playable and we don´t talk about mega bases. So the problem was already there, even back then. It comes from the code itself. But since then the game got a lot bigger, got a lot of additional content and also dlc´s, got several overhauls to make the game handle all that content better, but in the end its just a patch on a big wound that got infected and never heals. And the players paying the price now. The Tos is nothing but a patch. A patch that doesn´t work, because it simply can´t. How can it? How can a server handle 40 people active playing when it barely handles 20. You can even buy a g-portal server, join alone and experience the lag when you run into npc camps and watch animal behaviour. Without building anything, without playing with others. Yes, its better lag then playing on officials with 10 or 20 people, without having the server load in bases, inventorys etc. But netherless, the lag is real and it is a hugh hugh problem. A problem that Funcom is not able to solve.

Despite the fact, that bases need a certain size now, because of all the workstations and altars there are, the constant lags on official servers make it impossible for you not to cause aditional lag on top of the already existing performance issues. You can build as small as you want and still you will cause lag, for the server and others, and therefore your base will get wiped. And to reason that, its eather the size of your base, or the location, or the block of a ressource spawn or whatever else they can come up with now.

At the end you can provide as much pictures and video evidence as you want. You will always be the culprit in the eyes of some in this community. Because its easier to blame you, the player for a misconduct, then facing the reality that the company you bought a loved game from is not able to fix their game.


Or you could get a better server host for a cheaper cost. Or no cost at all.

The difference between G-Portal and other hosts is others don’t jam as many servers on one machine. Serverblend, GTX Gaming,, Pingperfect, and others all do fine. But if you want a 70/70+ server with mods, you can even go with a decent setup using a spare PC around the house. The server software is free open to anyone without any purchase.

Sorry, but what you said is absolutely false. Servers run fine if you don’t try to run dozens of them on a single machine. But then again, you knew that already.

The reality of the situation is posts like this aren’t taken seriously. Sorry but you’ve been here for years saying the game is broke, funcom can’t do anything, but you’re still here.

You want us to believe you’re some poor player who has been here for the better part of Thirty-six to Forty-eight months logging in, staring at a broken game you can’t play or enjoy for thousands of hours. All the while being abused by a company you don’t trust or have any confidence in.

This is akin to eating at a restaurant every day for years, knowing they are spitting in your food, but you bear it because the sauce is somewhat nice. I’m sorry I don’t buy that.

I’ve seen this sentiment in every game. People play it, have hundreds-thousands of hours played. Won’t stop playing. Actually enjoy the game (I do believe you all do) but somehow have to bash the company. It doesn’t matter how good the experience or flawless it is. Something will be ‘broken’ enough to bash the company. Its just a cultural thing, for some reason you all have to bash them to feel validated for actually enjoying the game and jump on this bandwagon to do it. I’m not going to go into much more detail in to why that is because such things are beyond the scope of these forums.

But effectively its a farce. Most of these complaints are exaggerated. This idea that the game is beyond broken but they love it anyway is tired, old, and worn out.

And you’ll prove I’m right. All we have to do is look at this statement:

Anyone actually believing this would have jumped ship (some actually have, but they don’t post about it normally, course when they do, they get flak from these individuals about it). But will this poster continue to play on officials? Absolutely. He doesn’t believe the words that he’s been quoted as saying.

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Well I can’t prove it, but it sure seems that way from all of the complaints and lack of explanations or warnings from Funcom lol.

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I just don’t think you should take what all those people are saying at face value. Are there a small set of people that were probably not fairly admin wiped? Probably. The vast majority? Probably not.

Would you rather we go back to when the public servers weren’t moderated at all?


I’m a highly skeptical person in general, but I’m also reasonable. I do not take what anyone says at face value and that includes Funcom :slight_smile:

Can u explain how this done. All I know is a zendesk ticket.Thanks

Thing is, all the buildings in the pictures arent even that big…it doesnt look like many pieces when you add it all up.

You mention the fact he has 5 bases. So? The rules do not specify anything to do with building limits, so if he wants 5 bases, he can. If he wants 20, he can. What we can see from the pictures does not cross any performance lines (that we can see clearly) so who cares how many he has? 40 player server with 3 base each or 10 players with 12 bases each, all works out the same.

Again, if there is more we dont see in the pictures, that could change things.

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I agree his base not big at all and its kind of silly with report of big bases when there is lack of players to begin with. Personally I like to storm into a big base than a shack.

You assume that the company is infallible and incapable of making mistakes. I love and enjoy this game but also see its weaknesses, and giving feedback is not “bashing” the game.

Those of us that want to see the game improve and give critiques on issues do not feel “abused”, we merely want FC to listen to our feedback on how to keep the game alive and working correctly.

For a person that plays exclusively on private servers you are very opinionated and really have no basis to criticize until you have experienced what we, on public servers, have experienced.

I have huge respect for your knowledge of modding and private server experience, but feel you overstep your knowledge of public server issues.

I have experienced first hand Funcom’s nuclear option and do not “exaggerate” or think the game is “beyond broken”.

This is not the same as the PVP players that come here complaining that they were banned for no reason when caught cheating.

Again, many of us are playing PVE or PVE-C and having our bases destroyed because of some arbitrary rule that is not clearly defined, and we just want clarification on that rule.


He’s obviously not talking about good and decent players/people like yourself.

JJDancer has a valid point and Taemien said “you all” :slight_smile:

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Since this keeps popping up, let me tell you what I think about Funcom and Officials. Either you’ve forgotten, or missed it.

When the game was announced, this was before anyone could play it. I had heard they would have a few servers for people to play on, ran by them. I called it a mistake and a bad decision. That there would be no way those things could be moderated properly.

When the game launched, I found they had hundreds of these servers. I said that was another mistake. They aren’t going to stay full. Now most are empty wastelands.

They decided to partner with G-Portal. This one is a bit of hindsight due to my personal experience. When I had a 10 man server used for testing and just for a few friends, it was fine. When I was helping another person admin a larger server (about 20), it faltered bad. Had to move to another host. G-Portal charges too much, stuffs too many servers on one machine, and has a poor interface. There’s another poor decision and bad mistake.

Then Isle of Siptah came out. I said they should convert some dead servers to the new map. Did they? Nope. They made a few hundred more. Now more barren servers clutter the server browser.

Let’s keep going on this. Now you get to see how I really feel about how they run servers.

The servers are capped at 30FPS. That wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it does cause some wonkiness with NPCs (this is where reports of them standing around not responding come from). But that’s assuming those servers can even reach over 20. I have logged into officials before. So I’ve seen this first hand. I just found it inexcusable.

The basic settings are not to my preference. But that’s a personal taste thing. But I think exp rates are set too high.

PVP settings are kinda dumb. Building damage should be on 24/7 and DBD turned on. That way you raid and PVP when you want to (logged in) not at specific times.

Follow restriction setting is almost non-existent. Needs to be stricter to actually have a performance impact.

The map databases are too old. Unmodded servers that have to restart more than once every few days are dying.

And I don’t agree with the rules as they are. So I play on servers that I do.

At the end of the day I’d like to see the officials just shut down. They cause more problems than they solve. They give a false impression of the game running like crap. They attract a sort of player that this community really doesn’t need and that other servers do a good job at filtering out. And all round were a mistake from even before they started them up. This game would be 100x better off without them.

So is Funcom infallible? No, they’re not. The biggest mistake they could have made was done by starting these servers. And I have always stated this. It has always been my position.

As for my experience, I can shed some light there. On privates you still have players who like to break rules. You have players that like to be jerks. You have players that believe they are self-righteous and like to show it by trolling or conspiring.

If you ever do decide to play on privates, this is something you might encounter. You’ll eventually see, or hear about someone breaking a rule. Usually action taken by admins is a bit more measured. For example a base that is breaking a rule isn’t just demo’d. Usually they are given a warning on discord or a note is left, or something. Sounds great right? Well it is. And usually people conform pretty well.

But those are just for the minor infractions. But occasionally you get a player who is being a bit of a dick. And they get called on it. Maybe they’re building in a way to close someone in. Or won’t stay out of their way when they’re building (in PVE). Or some other move that is just dumb.

So they get called on it. And here’s when the claims of admin abuse start getting thrown out. There’s two ways this goes down. They do something stupid and make a big stink in global chat in game about it, or in the general discussion of whatever discord the server runs. They’re mad, they don’t care if they get banned, and want a ton of attention before they do.

If only they all did this.

Some take their punishment without another word but they’re still jaded. They feel scorned. So they decide to be toxic little turds and start spreading rumors to anyone who will listen. I’m not going to say they can turn good players bad. But they do cause a reaction among players who otherwise wouldn’t be a problem. The end result is a toxic subcommunity that works to undermine the admins that can take literal weeks to weed out.

Sometimes servers can even falter because of this. Because let’s face it. Server admins are human. And even on private servers with all the extra tools and stuff they can do. They can make mistakes. Hell even I’ve made mistakes like accidently deleting clans, buildings, or characters. It happens, its rare, but it happens. But if the mistake happens when there is an underlying toxicity, then stuff can get out of hand for some. The larger, more established and older servers handle these things well. They’ve been through them and know how to deal with them.

But where am I going with this? These people, these dicks and jerks, play on officials too. And they do the same thing there. The only difference is there is not an active admin to deal with them. And these forums are a bit more lenient than private discords. So they can spread their BS a bit more readily.

It goes further. They don’t just play Conan Exiles. They play many games. I’ve seen this stuff across hundreds of games over the last 25 years of online gaming. This is nothing new to me. I’ve seen it on games with Server to Client, Client to Client, Massive Multiplayer Online, and hell even before the Internet back in the old Arcades over 35 years ago. The only difference back then was the lack of anonymity.

I would dare say this BS even goes back several thousands of years. Ever since we played any sort of game or sport with rules. Someone’s going to want to skirt them and then act like a dick when they get called out on it. Then start spreading rumors and such.

Are all the Original Posters of these threads doing this? Probably not. But when you see buzz words being used, a disdain for the game/devs, and my favorite; the ‘game broke, fix it’ response. Its a good indication that some foul play might be involved or happening in the future.

Sorry to say, but saying that I don’t understand officials because I don’t play them is not only elitist. But doesn’t warrant any sort of elite status to begin with. That is way worse than PVPers saying PVEers don’t get a say in combat. Because as we all know 95% of PVP changes end up affecting PVE.

And before you say that Officials don’t affect privates. Let me remind you of a time where I lost nearly a 1,000 explosive orbs because some troll on officials found a way to dupe them. Instead of doing damage control on their own servers. They modified the game itself. I can’t begin to tell you how asinine of a decision that was.

So yeah, I’d prefer if people get banned for stupid crap than have to go through a game patch that affects the server I’m playing in such a way again.

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Yup! And when we are able to examine the actual facts and compare them against the claims it becomes strikingly obvious too.

I doubt that very seriously. I dunno if you read it, I think it was in a different thread, but I did some fairly extensive testing to see what causes server lag - to be distinguished from client lag - by setting up my own server and examining the traffic under different conditions. There’s nothing I see there that would have made a difference if more tightly grouped. In fact tight groupings seems to lower the impact - which might be another reason spread-out foundation spamming is officially frowned on.

You can test this yourself as I have. Foundation spam a few thousand blocks in one area of your dedicated server while graphing the traffic rates. Then pick them all back up and set down the same number in a contiguous form or another and see the traffic rate drop measurably. In both cases I don’t feel there is enough to warrant a claim of “server lag” but that’s what I found to be the case.

In the images here from the OP, there might be some client lag as a result from the arrangement and parts used but I see nothing that would cause any server lag - more than just normal or more tightly grouped arrangements. No, more than likely this base was wiped due to what Funcom calls “spamming” and “land claim abuse” and not server lag.

This is before they enforce the rules but I can down base size quite a bit. Especially everyone wanted their own base eventually. Either way no one complained about building in a spot. They manly complain after the fact they couldnt raid it.

It does have a bit of lag on client side on ps4 but ps5 you dont feel any lag. It was a decent size base compare to what I have seen but it was the only way to counter gods or trebs.

If you ever fought a smart clan,

Treb get built before raid time start so no way to counter depending on height. - Game Over

Gods can be summon right at the spot before the coin enter inventory so in short surprise god hit before you realize or have a chance to pop bubble unless you pause it to less than a minute.

If I knew this was going to be such a big deal. I would of built in crevice where gods or trebs cant hit you…

In short it is going to basically be hide my base type of game.

If so, then how is fence stacking hurting the game. Seems FC thinks tight stacking cause harm.


you’re talking about the same dev team who thought it was a good idea to have a rule saying

“Massive bases against tos”

what is a massive base? 5k pieces? 10k? 20k? 30k? 50k? 100k?

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This is funny, cos I do believe you have to be some kind of ■■■■■■■■■ (person who enjoy pain) to enjoy full loot pvp. Loosing everything and moving on takes a special kind of character (fool). There’s a reason full loot pvp is a small niche genre.

And the games in this genre is so few and often so bad it’s kinda like eating in the restaurant that spit in the food because the other restaurants in town all puke in their rotten food.

Hi @powellful

If you would like to know more about what happened to your base please contact our team over on Zendesk so they can help you out further.

You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

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