My First Impressions - Newbie Girl Conan

Hi Devs and Collegues.
Playing single player on a PS4 Pro.
Got this free on the sub.
Great game so far but since the patch there is a long wait to access storage. Also, sound of mining and mined rocks are not disapearing the way they should.
Also, creature sounds can be delayed meaning they get a free chop at me when from behind.
Also my body sometimes dissapears if i die twice or have to go a long way to get to it. Died in the pool of acid in the Abyssal cave as the acid level did not go down when i killed the worm. I stepped in to have a look not knowing it was acid. Lost 3 sets of gear there as my body and loot vanished on each sucessive death AS the whole dungeon reset each time WTH.
I like a lot about the game but it its gonna be half as buggy as Fallout 76 then I wont buy any expansions.
To be honest, I thought consoles were mostly crash and bug free. Or I would have got it on PC.
Sorry … Rant Over.
I hope this feedback can help with the next update.

I think tere’s only a limited time to retrieve your dead body before it disappears with everything that was carrying. If you don’t respawn inside the dungeon there’s no way you could retrieve your gear from your dead body. The solution to avoid it is to play on server allow to keep your gear on respawn. Or to uncheck the box if you play Solo / Co-op.


I feel your pain, the first time I soloed the Dregs and was standing in the pit, the acid came back real fast and killed me, lost everything. The first time I walked too close to lava , same thing. Honestly it sounds like your game is laggy. I dont play PS4 , ive played PC for 2 years, so I wouldn’t know how the servers are for PS4. I can only say the official PC servers do not all run the same. Some are buggy/laggy, and some are not.

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Yep, the PS4 Pro is horrible with the lag and reloading after you die. 3/4 the time I’m defending myself against just a name in the air and blood splats. It’s a huge pain in the ■■■. With all i have aeen in official servers and the crap people can do and get away with, along with the playability on the Pro, and not to mention the total lack of respect and communication from Funcom, it’s getting close to me freeing up some space on my PS by deleting the game. Good luck going forward!

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It’s been every bit as buggy on PC. Some people have a lot of problems and some have few. Every patch has fixed something only to break something. Welcome to Funcom.
I’m not being disrespectful or hateful…just honest and sometimes honesty stings.

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Thanks for your kind words people. Very nice of you all to reply.
Dissapointed that a dev has not replied and given the reasons that a developed game is in this state.
Good luck all.

I don’t know what sort of reply you’re expecting. The main reason is probably that Funcom is a pretty small company with limited resources, so even though they’re fixing the bugs, glitches, crashes and exploits the best they can, they simply do not have a magic wand to wave and make all their troubles vanish.

Also, it’s usually not a good idea to let game developers to engage in dialogue with their customers. No matter how well-intentioned, it’ll inevitably turn into a situation where angry people vent their anger at the poor dev, whose explanations fall on deaf ears because some people aren’t there for explanations, they’re there to rant. That’s why community managers act as the medium (and a filter) between customers and devs.

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Hi and sorry for your troubles. As a PC and PS4 player, I feel you, but from your OP it doesn’t appear very clear that you were looking for a Dev response. (Ordinarily you need to invoke one by name because they’re quite busy.) If you’re playing on a PS4 Pro, I’ve just heard great news from @Ignasi that Funcom is finalizing a patch.

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