My friend got falsely banned need help

summary of what happened:

-so me and my friends play the game using xbox gamepass on pc.
-friend bought 2 dlcs (aquila and siptah)
-our server bugged out so we had to reinstall the game
-after reinstalling he got banned saying he didnt pay for his dlcs when he clearly has receipts and it says “payment complete” on his account

please help i dont know who to contact, we have already filed for tickets and stuff but to no avail. we havent received a reply. its been more than 24 hours already.

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Tickets may take anywhere from 3 days to weeks to be addressed and in some cases upwards of a month or more.

What an odd situation though… @Community ?

Thanks for the reply!

His ban says “invalid payment transaction, virtual currencies are not in a valid state” and a display with a negative balance is shown.

He even tried to buy out his ban just so he can play but the currency is not reflecting. Again all of these are bought via the store and nowhere else.

I do hope they do something about this. 3 days is a long time specially when one is not at fault.


Sounds like it is a really strange bug to me, I tagged community and customer support is also in that. Hopefully your friend can get an answer asap.


Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi @kebby47

If you’ve already submitted a report to our team in Zendesk, please be patient. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

It’s been a very busy week in terms of number of tickets, especially since we asked players to reach out for their missing Latrine item.

Thank you for your understanding.