My thrall just died in my bedroom =(

New player here. I managed to build a nice home, then decided to explore the thrall system. learned about it and was extremely hyped to get an archer companion to accompany me on my travels (i’m playing single player, loving the experience so far)

found an girl, knocked her out, brought her back home.

after a long gruelling (pun intended) wait for my archer thrall to finish getting broken and usable, i set her down on the floor, gave her nice armor. everything was looking great.

then, while i was in my bedroom preparing to finally venture out into the wide world with her by my side…

… and she just fell thru the floor and died, with her arm chopped off.

i swear i didn’t touch her at all! i’m not into domestic abuse!

needless to say, i was thoroughly traumatised by the loss of my faithful-yet-untested partner in crime.

it will be quite long before i decide to trust the system to get me another knock-out girl.


This is why we need NPC allies. I lost a rank 3 fighter the same way.

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