My Thralls die mysteriously when I teleport, maybe some broken mod?

Anyone has problems with Thralls disappearing upon teleport? I’m speedrunning the battle pass challenges and strange things happen.

Yesterday I’ve been clearing Asagarth, I TPed out when finished and I noticed my Thrall is gone. I checked the map - gone. Event Log - killed by Khitan Exile… Khitan Exile in New Asagarth? And I saw the Thrall alive seconds before TP.

Today another Thrall died… Event log - killed by 7115. (2)

WTF? It’s scary to use TP with any Thralls atm…

And what is 7115. (2) ?

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It’s gotta be a mod of some sort. I play on PlayStation official and never seen such a thing. I use them all the time. That would really suck on official servers.

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Is this Single-Player or online server? I’ve dragged thralls (both followers and KO’ed NPCs) through teleporters on Single-Player just this week with no casualties.

Oh, and was the teleport you used a map room, or a transportory stone? I’ve used only transportory stones because I’m playing on Siptah.

If you’re playing on a private server, it’s also possible that your follower was killed by another player’s follower with weird names like that, if PvP settings were enabled (or messed up because of a mod).

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I am on private server with mods, and it was admin teleport I used (right click on the map).
Strange stuff it never happened before, thrall is alive and kicking, then I teleport and thrall is gone.
I can’t even find their bodies once I teleport back and then couple of minutes later I get messages in the log that their equipment decayed.

I though I ask here as I only use popular mainstream mods so maybe someone can pinpoint the problem.

Beside teleporting as I have to finish the battle pass today and still have few levels left to unlock, I play legit, so it’s a shame to lose a good Thrall with all the gear on him :cry:

Be careful when teleporting (admin, or map room).
If a follower gets stuck, they often stay in there and won’t teleport with you, and the enemies will kill it, where it got stuck.
Happened with me recently, a dog and a T4 dancer got killed because they could not step over a pebble.

Or if you dragged a slave, they might just fell under the mesh, eventually reached the bottom, and got deleted from existence. It’s an old bug, which will enver be fixed I guess.

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Since it’s more than likely a mod issue, I’d suggest you list your mods. That way others familiar with them might be able advise you.

It seems that the situation has now changed. Previously, thralls that fell through the mesh quickly died. Now the thralls also fall under the mesh, but do not die. Or they die less often. At least in a single player standalone game.

I recently ran an experiment on the EL map. There are places where a thrall or pet is guaranteed to fall under the mesh as soon as the player leaves the field of view. For example, opposite the northeastern entrance to Sepermeru, not far from the cliff. There are also places where you have to wait a little and the thrall may fall. I placed thralls in such places and after falling waited for many hours of play. Up to several tens of hours. And not a single thrall died, they could be saved at any time from the settings menu, of course, with the loss of equipment.

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