|NA| Looking for a Good Private Server?

Looking for a good Private Server? We think we have thrown together a pretty good one. We have been hosting Conan Exiles Servers since Early Access began and we are not going anywhere!

This server may not be for everyone. If you are looking for a Raid/PvP Heavy Server to Grief Players into leaving then PLEASE MOVE ON! This Server IS NOT FOR YOU!

If you are looking for a Server with Active and Experienced Admins to Build, Explore and be part of a GREAT Community then you may want to try us out!

This Server Offers:

  • Active Admins
  • Strict Anti Admin Abuse Policies
  • Active Forum
  • Community Teamspeak 3 with Private Clan Channels
  • ZERO Tolerance for Griefing or Bullying!
  • ALL Server Changes must be voted on by Server Community!
  • Ability to increase Slots as needed!
  • NO donations EVER asked for!

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in then feel free to come check us out!
For more information visit DbD Gaming

Hello! Where is your server located? Do you have specific raiding times? I’m looking for a server for my clan (8 peeps) Thank you!

Thanks! I forgot to add that!
We are a US East Coast Server and we currently do not have Raiding Times Established. However if we should then it will be a Community decision.

Let me answer this question a with an explanation as well.
No we do not have Raiding Times. The reason behind this is that if we have a large Guild come in and start ripping apart smaller Guild’s bases then as a Community someone ALWAYS will say “Hey, the big Guild is not on between 4 and 7 AM, I am off tomorrow and I will take donations to wreck their **** and any help would just make it go faster.”
That is what a good community is all about! :smiley:

Like what i am hearing, but will wait for a little more info.

Personally i do not enjoy raiding, but love pvp. The problem i see however is admin interference when a clan wants to raid and that is never good. It feels and sounds like you will be dictating who,when, and where raiding is allowed?

Raid times are important as it allows players to dictate the flow of the game and better prepare both offensive, and defensively. Where i think rules could be better policed is in the raiding rules themselves - Define the griefing rules or limit what can be done during raiding ect ect.

Will certainly keep a eye on what you all decide though :slight_smile:

No Admin interference at all. That is ALL Community.
Admins AND the Clans they are in ARE NOT allowed to participate in any way with Raiding. Not even allowed to disclose any base locations or player play times.

Personally I actually enjoy watching a good scrap unfold. :heart_eyes:

I do however Raid on Public Servers and get my frustrations out there. lol :japanese_ogre:

As stated everything is a vote as far as server settings … BTW Admins do not vote.
The less Admins have to get involved the better. I much prefer a community that polices itself :muscle:

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We have none. You just have to use common sense.:thinking:
If you are 30 and camping players that are starting then you are a Jag and do not belong here. If you beat a guy and body camp him while taunting them in chat you are a Jag. Hunting Single players with a group …yup that’s a Jag move.:rage:
I admin’ed first person shooter servers for over 15 years. I do not want to dictate anything. I like to let things run their course BUT we will step in when needed.:sleeping:

…and certainly not having set raid times is not dictating when raiding happens. We leave that up to you along with the who and where. :grinning:

…but as in all communities real or virtual you own what you do!

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Jump in and test er out before launch. See if you ping well!
Just REMEMBER That We Will WIPE for Launch!

I got off to an unexpected late start :disappointed_relieved: Dang Doctors can not make their schedule around my Gaming! :rage:
… BUT from what I understand we had some good folks on here for the first time!

There is still plenty of room :grinning:

Hey Bear, how do I join?

Server coming up as “Not Responding” on Steam servers. Is this still active?

You can join by IP

Sure is. I play it every day!

Oh and also make sure you are not trying to connect to the Servers Community TS3 IP that is listed in the Server Name!

OK so here are the Easy Ways to connect!

The Easiest is to type in the filter DbD or DbD Gaming and wait while it filters. Depending on your distance from our server it may take a few minutes. :grinning:

The surefire way is to use the direct connect option! Just paste this IP and port in and you are good to go! :wink:


We Only have 5 Clans So far but Plenty of space! Everyone I met has been so cool and none of the Un-Moderated Trash like in Official Servers that we have all dealt with!
Will post some pics of the GREAT starter Bases made here soon!

OK Here are some Starter bases from our Community! I can not wait to see what they come up with for their endgame Bases!


Still Lots of room and SUPER Community!

Do not join this server. We caught a different tribe stealing thralls from us so me and one other player raided the other clan. The admin said we were ganging and griefing and banned. So two vs one is griefing have fun…

I was other said player, and yeah, this admin seems cool until you want to raid. He said killing the guy over and over was harassment. Sadly we can’t not kill the guy when he respawns and comes at us. Not like we were trying to camp him…

As of the time of this post we are running Pippi mod on the server . Full details about the mod can be found HERE

What will be enabled for Pippi:

  • Set Home Teleport
  • Payday
  • Cloth Armor Kits for Thralls
  • Thespians!
  • More Kits to come!

Server Settings Changes:

  • Clan Size has been REDUCED from 10 to 5 Members
  • Thrall Crafting Time has bee Reduced from 1 to .3

Just a Free Tip
When the Admin is being quiet he is not always sleeping, sometimes he is invisible standing right next to you Reading Local Chat, Hearing Area Voice Chat and watching EVERYTHING you do. :scream:
…but I suppose if your doing nothing wrong then there is nothing to worry about :wink:

~ :bear:

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