Named fighter at the volcano guaranteed spawn

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
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So in the big patch the devotee guy has been changed into guranteed named fighter. Top tier fighter guaranteed spawn. I would love to know who came up with this idea. You might as well remove all other named fighters from the game. They all just became obsolete. We dont even have to fight devotees to get him. Just conveniently farm the guy

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to volcano devotee area
  2. Get your named 3k health fighter x20
  3. Try to convince him to fight purges and equip weapons

This is no different than Freya or Captain Ioushuwa/Black Hand Captain. They are 100% fighter spawns and far less dangerous to get to.

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they dont have 3k health friend. We are talking best fighter in the game

I would understand if this was coming from a guy in PVP with a hardcore server. But it’s hard to get why a guy who plays single player would want to the game to get hard. Also, guaranteed spawns are throughout the game. Like the other guy said, black hand captain, freya, ritualist, etc. they are all guaranteed spawns.

Are you really comparing a 750 health with a single spawn point to 3250 health ones mass produced? lol. Single, pve, or pvp, thats BS, go admin already and spawn it as thralls .

I think you missed the point several times already.

Here it is - It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t break the game. You’re playing single player. There are guaranteed spawn points. “lol”

Again. There is a difference between a weak thrall guaranteed spawn point and a mass production of the strongest fighter thrall in the game =p . In both modes SP/MP, lvl 4 guard thralls from volcano was really hard to spawn and also the issue dont affect only SP.

Is not about having one or another guaranteed spawn is about what thrall is guaranteed.

Edit.: Single player is no excuse for dumbing down the game either. Also it should be the pve players asking for more challenge as it is the only way to get it( from the game itself). People needs to cease that mindset that people only ask for “nerfs” and difficulty motivated by a some nefarious egocentric reasons in a competitive environment .

Thanks for the pro-tip, will mass produce immediately! =p