Why can't you keep your sticky fingers off the thralls?

I play Conan from the start, with family and friends and endured some and enjoyed other changes to the game, got all dlc’s. I play casually, love to collect named fighters, greater pets and rare crafters. I had named bearers with 9.900 hp that fought like beasts, tamed captains and bandit leaders in the city of Sepermeru.

Lately, with every update or new chapter, pets and fighters become closer and closer to useless or, to say the least, less enjoyable Today, when I logged in again after seeing that I lost close to all benches and named crafters in my Nemedian village I checked my fighters. On Siptah and in the Exiled Lands, and yet again the thralls had to be nerfed. Volcano fighters and relic hunter treasure seekers got a serious reduction of the healthpool. The volcano fighters should be, lore-wise, sort of the best fighters in my humble opinion. Now they are worse then Lian or Janos.

Greater pets, close to worthless, except for decorational purposes are even worse then after last update.

I am on the point of destroying my bases and giving an other game a go, follow my friends and family, the only question for the devs; why on earth do you constanly feel the urge to change/ nerf those fighters? If it works fine, it doesn’t require a repair. It would be wiser the fix the bugs; like npc falling through the grid, constant ‘connection lost’ issues, rain falling through the ceilings, broken purges, warping players, mind you, enough more important things to do.

I wish you well.


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