Nano resist check

How much nano resist is required to not get hit by grand theft humidity? Does anyone have a formula or no a roundabout number?

I doubt there’s a setup other than going NR8 that will give you a meaningful resist % on gth since it’s so spammable (1 second cast time).

For calculating nano land rate check out Ebag333s calculator here:

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big numbuh good. smaLL numbuh bad. but gth, simple…forget life, die, respawn…stay smiley. do stuff. …okok serious note: don’t worry yourself over this GTH will land, concentrate more on living thru it, instead of worrying about it landing.

@Phargus Thanks for posting that calculator, I had forgotten that exists :slight_smile:
I don’t know if it’s still accurate after the 18.7 patch, but let’s assume for a moment that it is.

My 220 trader has 2820 PM and 2885 TS selfbufed with drains up. This is going to vary per setup of course. In my case I have:

  • All research done
  • Champion of Nano Combat 10 perked
  • Nano Doctorate 7 perked
  • Alpha symbiants
  • 6 pieces of scout’s

It could be higher, for example with:

  • Nano Controller Unit (+75)
  • Infused Ancient Nano Enhancer (+50)
  • Mochams (+140)

I tried Ebag333’s calculator with the listed 2820 PM and 2885 TS.
Assuming my victim is at full def, I will have the following chances to land GTH on the first try. As mentioned, I can cast it again one second later. So I would agree with RedWatr’s eloquent advice of not trying to focus on resisting it :wink:

NR         Chance to land
 1600       100%
 1700        98%
 1800        93%
 1900        88%
 2000        84%
 2100        80%
 2200        76%
 2300        73%
 2400        69%
 2500        66%
 2600        63%
 2700        61%
 2800        58%
 2900        56%
 3000        53%
 3100        51%
 3200        49%
 3300        47%
 3400        46%
 3500        44%
 3600        42%
 3700        41%
 3800        39%
 3900        38%
 4000        37%
 5000        26%
 6000        20%
 7000        15%
 8000        12%
 9000        10%
10000         8%

Edit: I didn’t take AAD/AAO into account because I’m not sure how to. It will probably change the numbers a bit, but not the conclusion.
Edit (2): Updated the table after input from Srompu.

I thought your numbers looked high, so I checked this real quick.
When using the calculator, full def is at -100. The posted numbers are for agg/def set to the middle, and have a landing chance improvement over full def of about 50%.

Edit: almost forgot, AAO/AAD don’t affect the calculation, so you don’t have to worry about them :slight_smile:

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Thanks Srompu, I’ll redo my table when I get home :blush:

And interesting to learn about AAD not affecting NR. I wasn’t aware of that.

Its more for that first chance to react, since as soon as it lands you lose all of your nano in like 5 seconds so I was wondering if Nr1-2 would make a difference

Also assuming you were not predrained starting what are the chances then?

Also iirc it cant be cast on the same target twice?

Without drains, I’d have 700 points less in nanoskills, and with just one drain 350 less. You can download the calculator from Phargus’ link and try different scenarios :wink:

It can be cast on the same target over and over until it lands. When it lands, it’s locked for a minute.

Will do but does the debuff last for a minute?

The effect on the target is (see here):

Hit Nano Points for -10%, 15 times, once every 1.00s.

So it lasts 15s. It’s not a nano in your NCU.