Need help with foundations

first i place 3 foundations to the ground next to eachother in a straight line, then i place 3 foundations to top of the existing ones, then again 3 foundations on top of the existing ones. Now, when i break the middle foundation on the ground, all the foundations above it collapses, destroyed… is there a solution?

same thing trying with 3 walls in a row with 3 Wall height and place ceiling behind them, then break the middle Wall closest to the ground, no other building elements get broken or destroyed.

i made 6 raws (6 foundation height) of T3 foundations going 13 foundations far… but if only the lowest foundation which is on the ground or close to the ground is destroyed, my all 6 foundations above it, all collapse, gets broken, destroyed…

any ideas solutions are welcome. thx.

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Nope, that’s just how foundations are. Foundations should only be placed on the ground, or sometimes intersecting with a cliff wall. If a foundation does not have a foundation below it, and also does not intersect with the terrain, then it will be destroyed.

Instead, you should build walls or pillars on top of those foundations. Foundations are just ‘foundations’, they are not cubes like in Minecraft.

I only found this out pretty recently. Really, foundations should be more like cubes, because people will build these kinds of bases, and be frustrated to find out they don’t work out like in Minecraft.

oh hey thanks for the quick reply, instead of 6 foundations putting over and over if i make 6 walls and ceiling back to them, only 1 Wall is getting destroyed but i cant put anti-climbing fences or crenelated walls on to walls.
i see some houses, if im not wrong, every single floor is made with anti-climbing fences, how do they do that then? thanks again.

I think they do it using fence foundations instead of regular walls. Might be susceptible to raiding, in that case… Try destroying the bottom level, and see if the higher levels crumble due to the foundation requirement.

In my plans, I usually put the anti-climbing fence as the top level of wall, and leave the top floor open to the sky.

just tried using fence foundations, but i cant place fence or crenelated walls on to fence foundations :slight_smile: and yes destroying bottom level crumbles the higher levels even if i used ceiling to support the back like the normal walls :slight_smile:

The problem with hollow walls is, as you know, they take out the top foundation and the wall attached to it, and all the wall above it will go – except for the piece attached to the ceiling. As in your example.

From someone who’s broken into a few, the great way to do this is to employ fence foundations for extra resistance, as far up as you can afford. Each foundation block can be skinned on the exterior with a fence foundation, and the block will allow three more internally. You cannot skin with a fence foundation and a fence on the same piece, so let’s say you go up two with fence foundation, then next course can be anti-climb fence. That’s nine foundation blocks plus inner fence reinforcements and exterior shell reinforcements.

ABOVE: top view showing three levels of anti-climb. BELOW: reinforced and skinned, plus anti-climb.

The bottom picture shows fence at the top. Instead place the walls as I described below.

At three foundations high so far, as in your example. Place one wall on top of that, on both sides. Place a ceiling. Place a foundation block on the ceiling. More anti-climb. Reinforce your hollow walls with perpendicular T2 doorways. Place pillar through doorways for extra meanness.

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To be clear, each foundation block supports two cross-ways pieces of fence foundation internally, and one piece per side of either fence foundation or no-climb fence. I really wanted to see how the rebuilding would go once I removed the foundation block.


You are giving away way to many good building tricks in a single post. (Mainly cause of the screenshots) lol x)

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im trying it for 2 hours but i can place the pillar only to the middle of the foundation, how did you place it to the edge of the foundation? or under the doorway?

and i have one more important question, for all your examples, i see that when you again destroy the middle foundation near the ground, again every foundation above collapses. is there any way to avoid it?

You need to use stairs to get pillar placements. Note they do not have stability in this way, except under rare conditions. The pillars keep people out, provide obstruction and allow light to spill in in nice ways – and you can shoot through them.

Not with all my examples does the bottom foundation cause cascade failure. But if we stick with the example you gave me, it takes 7 explosive jars to get to this point:

When the foundation is finally indeed removed, the ones above it will collapse. ^^^

If you place walls, fence foundations, ceilings and some support (a pillar in my example), the foundation block can go away completely, leaving all above intact.