Need help with mods

Greetings All,
I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask?
Having problems with getting mods to work.
I set the mod to the load side and restart game.
Just tried again and no luck
Thanks All

We need more information.
Are you trying to play singleplayer or join a server?
Which mods?

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I have a Gportal 10 man server.
I am admin.
The mod is Lvl 135+,but not one of the 4 worked.
2 compass and the one called (pippi) I think.
When I start game and join server I Ctd and the game reloads by itself and says attempting to join server and I play but no mods work.
Hope this helps
Tanks Again

Pippi is a admin tool and chat mod,

I’m unfamiliar with the others

you could try one at a time, to determine if one is incompatible with the others

i have a question: did you install the mods on your server via the gportal mods section? the server needs to be modded. if only you have the mods installed and loaded, they will only work in your singleplayer game.

Thank You that’s what it was.
Now how do I get the mod over to server?
Again Many Thanks :alien:

Gportal has a section for mods. You need to install them there and arrange their order. I no longer have my server with them so cant show you where exactly …

Also, remember that any mod you add the npc thrall will not eat, will not get the food bonuses, and they will reset everytime you restart the server. They say patch to fix is coming, they don’t know when but it’s coming.
So if you enable the mod engine by adding any mod thrall leveling will stop working.

That’s not right. I run a server with a bunch of mods and the thralls will not be reset after restart.

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True mine do not either.

yeah it happens casually, not always, and you run a server with a bunch of mods and didn’t notice the thralls are not eating and not getting food stats bonuses? yish.

I quoted you with the part “and they will reset everytime you restart the server.”
That statement is wrong.

It is right, that EVERY mod will cause the error, that thralls will not eat and therefore they will not gain any bonus chance for the attributes by level up.

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Not wrong, just casual. It happens casually, so if the cap is 1500, after server restart the cap will be 999 instead of 1500. Anyway the game is broken and in an early access state still.

We’ve been promised comunication before christmas but they where just empty words to keep the comunity calm during high forum usage because of horses.
Now that new players have put up with the sad reality the forum usage is back down, and so comunications.

Greetings All,
I have 3 mods running.
When I start CE it loads then it drops me back to desk top and game reloads by itself
and states(connecting to server)
Why does it do that?
Changed loading of mods but no effect.
Thank You
P.S.The server is Gportal 10 man.

it normally does that when your mod order doesn’t match the server mod order. it is kinda normal. you don’t have to worry about mod order because the game arranges them for you depending on the server you join and restarts the game for you. If you want to avoid that, try loading the mods of the server in your client mod section (the same way you would do for singleplayer) in the exact same order as the one on the server. restart your game for the mods to take effect and try connecting to the server.

Example: selected mods need to match the server mod list in order:

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No that was the order I had them im.
Thanks for the though, :alien:

That the game stops and starts again is normal for me, if mods are involved.

I have a 10-man server at G-Portal, too.

When you start the game and try to connect to the server, the ‘modloader’ of Conan Exiles makes the game stop for the modloader to check if the mods on your own computer and that on the server are the same version. If they are, then the modloader starts the game again and connects you to the server.

If the modloader finds a difference in version between server and PC, then it stops you from connecting.

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I am just wondering how many people try to join and think its not working?
Again Many Thanks for the Help. :alien:

I just changed my load order and now it goes right into the game :grinning:

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