Need more players. Keep game alive

Keep loot on death attracts and retain more players.

I play on the PS4. Noticed there a lot of players on private server with keep loot on death settings, especially keep loot on death and body does not stay in game after sign off. This means way more players will play this game with these settings.
I don’t suggest that official server should do this completely. However; if you want more players and more people to get the game…?Make some official servers with players drop everything except the gear they wear and the items in the hot wheel. Attracts a lot more players. Especially the players that don’t want to invest a lot of time in the game.
More players will drive more revenue will drive more content.

Keep loot on death would make the game even easier…

The game is supposed to be a survival

Even diablo that isn’t you lose everything on death and it is fine.

We need to get used to play a harder game, not ask for it to be easy

Ark have more player than conan and is a lot harder, for example. Dark souls sells a lot and is a hard game.

I think the problem is the lack of advertisement and more grindy endgame stuff


I have suggested a version of this, where you don’t lose weapons or armor on death. But to offset that, the durability should be drastically lower. Causing a few things…PVP wise you are never out of the fight even if you die. You can still run back and fight without having to search for new gear over and over. And lower durability in general for all server types would cause people to have to farm for repairs, or use that hoarded stash. Maybe a tweak could be that you keep the armor and weapons only if you spawn in your bed or bedroll. This way, pulling bracelet and going to the desert would not be an easy out. Raiders could get your bed, and if able to, your bedroll to force you to spawn completely naked.

This NOT about easier or harder. Please don’t get confuse with that. It has NOTHING to do with game difficult…Please look at it from a customer perspective. For the mass majority it is about convenience and time worth spending. Time worth spending doing fun things in the game. Time is NOT well spent searching for your body that maybe or may not be there. So it’s simple…want more players? Add this option. It already trending that way with way more players on private with these settings. Unless…Funcom wants it this way so that more people rent servers? They partnered with GPortal? Dunno.

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Many of the ppl are not fond of the game because of server settings, and that is Offline Raiding, just ask ppl and they will tell you this.

Who likes PvE is in a good place, but PvP is a competition for “who is online the most”, if you have a job and family forget about playing PvP, teenagers will crush your base while you’re working or with family during the day or weekends.

What we need, are servers with settings that allow Raiding only when players are online and 1h after logoff.


This is also very true. But what people tell me is that at least if they had their gear and their weapons they can at have a chance to retaliate and get something back. But if not and they have to grind another 6hrs…then they feel it’s not worth it. So again this is why people have told they can deal with offline raiding as long as they have their main gear. And this is proven true as you will see in the PS4 the private servers are packed with people in settings ( keep loot and body does not stay in game when sign out ).

Also I want to mention that the purpose of these discussions is to lure more players to this game. And to keep those players returning from time to time. I get way too many players telling me they just don’t want to return to this game because the hours they have to invest getting the same gear they previously had. They actually don’t mind rebuilding their base and all that…but killing bosses again for the next 6-10hrs to get all the gears and weapons they had lost…they said it’s not worth it. It makes me sad to hear this but I have lost so many players due to these same comments.

You want more players. Funcom needs real devs first, that are not continually break the game every patch. God’s being down for so long created overbuilding and chased away most players from the free psn already. Don’t see another boom in players incoming anytime soon.

Don’t get angry with me, please :slight_smile:

But i think it have everything to do with game dificulty

For example, i’m a 90’s gamer. In that era, if you lose too many lives, you had to play the entire game again, or a huge section of it. For me it is a kind of death penality, that makes a player try to be better the next time and fear death.

Not kipping loot and equipment when die is the same, it is a death penality. It is what makes the game fun! What is the fun of a game without any death penality? I already use bedrolls to make it easier, you should use too when goind to harder places :slight_smile:

And i die A LOT in this game, because of my own mistakes like jumping off cliffs, but even at the volcano i didn’t lose my stuff because i kept trying to get it back

And the game shows death location on map, maybe they can do like ark does now, a huge glowing light in the sky.

I’m ok with this option in some servers, but it should be labelled as “easy”, like at the singleplayer options. So if you want to play in this server, it is fine, but knowing the game will be easier and less fun because of no death punishment.

Again, the problem with the lack of players is the bad advertisement. Like i said, ark have worst mechanics and have a lot more grind, but have a lot more players, just look at steam chart.

And do you know conan exiles is one of the 100 most played games on steam?

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It has nothing to do with difficulty. No one has EVER complain to me that it is a difficult game. Opposite as matter of fact. Personally I find the game easy. I solo dungeons and bosses all the time. This isn’t just my opinion. I am in Business Marketing by trade so I listen when players tell me they stop playing or they don’t want to purchase the game simply because they don’t want to invest 12hrs a day in this game. They want to play mainly PVP but similar to DarkSouls where they can pick up where they left off last time. In this game if you are away for a couple days and you come back… “what? I have to start over? I don’t have time for that.” It really is that simple. So keeping armor and weapons would give players CONVENIENT…nothing to do with hard or difficult. Most people I have spoken with can only dedicate 4-6hrs on the weekends or sometimes 1-2hrs every couple days. From a marketing stand point we can all recognize that people are very busy and the game should incorporate that aspect. If not then basically you can only lure players who can play all the time. I doubt advertisement is an issue because most peps told me they knew about this game, tried it when it was free and yeah said it was a GREAT game but sorry it’s a lot of time invested so they moved on. My idea would resolve this problem. Have a few server with keep armor and weps, loose everything else on death. That’s much more time efficient. And if you don’t care about that then go ahead and continue playing your other server that looses everything on death. Don’t blame me when the majority of players switch over to my recommendation though. Lol. My goal is to promote this game and have over a million players.

Ok… I wont change your mind, but i still think it is a bad option.

I hate the fact that games are becoming easier these days. I agree that losing base after vacation is bad and i agree with this or that offline raiding sucks.

But removing death penalities in game is just as bad… but, it’s business right? If i am really the minoriry i will have to accept. Peace, we dont have to fight just because we have different opinions :slight_smile:

By the way, can you explain how ark have a 20k player a day while having much more grind and the same kind of death punishment?

Please don’t misinterpret my recommendation. I agree with you that yes easier is no fun but remember that there are much greater ways to make this game difficult and I would encourage it to be harder. For example you can make it that NPC hits you so much harder. Bosses moves are faster and tremendous skills is required. Accuracies and timing is critical. Places hard to get to , that’s also can be fun. Make some bosses nearly impossible to defeat without help, that would encourage more team play. All good things. That’s why people love DarkSouls aspect. But at the same time they find it very convenient that they can pick up where they left off from last game play. Getting your bases wiped is actually no big deal. It’s PVP. But having to farm all over again for the same gear and weapons…that’s just simply time consuming and inconvenient., there’s nothing difficult about that. I say keep armor and weps on death while making game way more difficult in a very fun immersive way. The Japanese are very clever and had thought of this in implementing DarkSouls games alike.

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Well, i find inconvenient losing all base to offline raiders, this is not pvp for me. While i understand your point, i dont think the devs will make the game harder the way you said.

But again, how can ark achieve so many players with all the time consuming stuff? I even prefer conan because you can get everything really fast.

Ark allures the survival specific type of gamer. And that’s as far as Ark is going to get. Conan is so so so much more than just a survival game. It has tremendous potential. It’s like Ark + DarkSouls + Elder Scrolls + Demon Souls + Fortnight + Red Dead. So the potential here is not just to allure a specific genre of players but to allure everyone to play. There’s something in this game for everyone! But we must make it convenient for people to progress while also award people to play more. I really have thought long and hard about it and I think this is the only way with the mechanics we currently have.

One thing i can agree with.

Conan is not a survival, but a sandbox RPG with a survival skin. That is one of the things that makes me love the game. But sometimes i have the feeling that the game is too easy when you have good equips and a well equipped thrall.

For example, i can kill almost everything easily and do every dungeon in less than 30 minutes if i just ignore the monsters and just kill the bosses. I am even farming scourgestone pieces and kingscourge hearts in less than a hour.

At EA the game was really hard, a hiena could kill you if you were unprepared. Spiders were dangerous with their poison, everything was a real challenge. If the game were like this, i could agree with the keep inventory thing. But i don’t know… This make me feel the game will be less fun… At least i hope they do this as an option for oficial servers, not at the vanilla game.

Wish it was only teenagers. Be surprised at how many adults are actually the culprits. But yeah, offline raiding and losing everything because you want to be in reality sometimes sucks, and removes fun for most casual games.

You talk about losing armor like it is a big thing in this game…

It is designed to be this way. It is really easy to get resources in this game, and you can skip an entire dungeon and just kill the boss for materials.

I lost all my armor and i just gathered materials to make it again. It is like losing the base, if you can’t deal with the “rinse and repeat”, the game is not for you.

I think the problem is bad and/or negative dvertisement. For example, they don’t make clear that conan exiles is a survival game. In my country there is a vídeo of “pipoca e nanquim” channel where the guys played the game wrong, didn’t even realize the game was a survival and said the game is bad. The channel have many subscribers.

A lot of what i hear about conan is ppl that played it expecting a conan’s god of war and got minecraft. When i say bad advertisement it is because things like this. Everyone knew ark was a “4k minecraft”, but a lot of ppl didn’t know this about conan, played, hated and told their friends the game is bad without realizing it is a survival.

Conan Exile is NOT just a survival game. If it was purely a survival game, there would be even less people playing it. A lot of people like killing bosses, dungeons. And while yes mats to make armor and weps is easy to get but getting legendary armor and weps takes time. The point of this discussion is to allure more players. If not this game will die. To allure more players we must adapt to what lots of players would want. Which is less re-grind. Grind is not a bad thing but having to re-grind over and over is a bad thing if you can only spare a few hours here and there. Having to re-grind all gear whenever you get back on because of offline raiders or whatever is what stop players from staying or returning to the game. Keep armor and weps while loosing all mats is a good solution with the current mechanics of the game. There much more fun ways to make games difficult. I would not classified re-grind as a difficulty but just a time consuming annoyance. Not everyone want to play 8hrs a day. Let make it so that it attracts players who can commit like 3hrs on the weekend and that’s it. So how would you do this? Simple…keep the major items such as armor and weps. You already kill a ton of bosses for it so why do it again.

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Full time 100% player lootability, ALL unconscious bodies remain in play until killed and are NOT EVER removed from the world, just like it says in the game loading messages. Seriously , even in ******* Minecraft you lose all your **** when you die…

On official servers you also lose your items when you die. And the body stays on the map for a whole week without the player logging in. That’s plenty of time to find that player and loot him. If you haven’t found him by then, you would most likely never find hin.