Needs updating imo

If plants could give seeds also would be great, from planter.

Armored hyena doesnt detect tamed hyena in inventory

If alligator could swim but not too fast

Frozen storage, why not of made of iron? No idea where to get ice yet
Can spells create ice?

Would be nice if gamepass can unlock steel or hardend steel or other rare items

Requirements for improved armor bench maybe iron and master armor bench to steel

I have had skull signed crocodile spawn where a normal crocodile spawn point is, is that normal?

Dust storm randomly appeared and killed me out of nowhere maybe a tutorial should get you to make one at beginning as a challenge card early, idk

Dust storm killed me at spawn in base shelter right after i died, i guess not fully covered enouph.

I guess you could check my xbox live profile for some videos, is it OK to post XBL profile here?

Plater for different trees

Some structures have a hard time finding its place sometimes, not worried too much about this

Will there be updates for bees to get from flowers

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How do you freeze food with iron?

Yes, there are elite (monstrous at cats, corrupted at most of the others) one-skull minibosses that have a 5% chance to spawn instead of a normal animal.

On the wiki page, there is a guide where the storm is, but the sandstorm is buggy, sometimes it does not show up, but it’s there.

You DO get bees (worker or queen) from plants, but it’ not that common.

You only need a furnace and the ingredients to make steel/hardened steel, they are not something you can unlock.

Sickle gives you plenty seeds, plus if you dry plants in a dryer, 3 plants give you 1 seed

It bugs me since the beginning, I higly doubt they will improve the AI at all. No climbing/jumping/swimming/flying animals…


3 pieces of aloe on dryer for 1 seed hardly worth it if you have to use composte.

Compost takes too much to make, would be nice if could produce more seeds at least or take up less ingrediants to make more compost. Very grindy in that department

I meant an iron fridge instead of steel

It is time consuming indeed, you are better off with a sickle.

Iron fridge? Oh, I get it now. A good alternative is the thrall pot. At level 10, with 3 knowledge points, some iron and some branches, you will have a good “fridge”. And while you reach the fridge recipe, no food will rot in there.

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The fridge is one of the most important recipes in the game in my opinion. On Siptah things are a lot easier because there are black ice spawns scattered all around the map. On Exiled Lands there are only a few places, and those are not easily accessible for lower-levels.

Whether it’s iron or steel is hardly the matter because steel is plentiful (you can loot it from chests on both maps easily enough), but I’d like to see a small freezer box that doesn’t require black ice.

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You will need steel to make a Sandstorm mask this is a good excuse to login will send you some requirements. Sandstorm mask learned at level 30 33 pcs of steel 1 light padding that is in a improved armor bench if you can’t make it yet and have windows in your base make a room with out windows with your bedroll in it you can find places out in the world to shelter
Presentation box level 43 hardened steel insulated wood black ice map g and h - 11 has black ice probably ice also. Black ice is needed for hardened steel. Welcome to the Forum @MaxTuner

Since most of your other queries have already been answered, I’ll just say that you can find ice in the north-western mountains, beyond New Asgard. Climb up the mountain a bit and you’ll see big, spiky ice nodes. This is also where you can black ice, which you need for a lot of late- and end-game items.

Ice is also a rare drop in certain areas from human NPCs, especially Nordheimers in the Highlands area. If you get the Avalanche of Rocknoses purge, you will see ice rocknoses. You can harvest ice (common) and black ice (uncommon) from their corpses.

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Welcome to the game, and the community. I’m assuming this is your first time playing.

  • Plants give seeds in a dryer, a seed will grow 5 of a plant but only 3 needed to make a new seed, meaning you can have completely renewable growth with enough bark and compost. Farming is a mix of active and passive work needed to maintain it.

  • Pet fodders require specific pets, make sure you’re checking the right recipe.

  • No animals currently can swim except for mounts

  • Fridges are lategame. For preservation beforehand, you can dry meats and berries, but food is easy enough to get you’ll never really run out. Fridges are usually for higher quality stove foods, which you don’t get until later anyways.

  • Ice is found up north, in the snowy regions. You’ll have to venture further from spawn for later game resources.

  • The gamepass version of the game is the full version. Nothing is locked, you can get iron, steel, hardened steel, and star metal. All that’s excluded is DLC content, none of which locks out the endgame.

  • Improved bench is for mid-game, which by then you should have steel already. If you don’t, you should be focusing on that first and foremost before upgrading your benches.

  • A lot of animals can have a random chance to spawn as a miniboss. These enemies are harder, but have special loot once you kill and harvest them.

  • The sandstorm is meant to be lethal, you can hide from it in shelter or once you get steel craft a mask to protect yourself from it.

  • You’ll need full shelter to survive the sandstorm, an open top structure provides no shelter. Try putting a roof on your base.

  • Planters are for bushes and flowers, they don’t grow trees.

  • You can get bees from harvesting plants, getting the most with a sickle.

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This is freaking brilliant! You should be able to mine ice bridge to get ice!


Would be nice bigger planter area to produce bigger amounts, cost too much to make the composte for the later measly 5 crop growth. Too grindy. Maby harvest sand/soil with shovel for putting block sized soil for planting coconut trees, maybe fruit trees too. The planters department sucks, sorry to say.

Bigger planters and maybe planter long rows for flowers, that can produce more than 1 seed at a time let say 5 at a time and require some soil not compost or with composte to yield even more when harvesting.

I just hope there is some actual update that makes sense

As for recipe for armored hyena sims odd you need fodder at all maybe just make it at armor bench and have him equip it. Not sure why that department so odd. And yes i had the fodder and hyena in inventory, it was greyed out, maybe a bug.

Does siptah add more to the base game?
Can i bring my offline campaigne character there?
Will it effect what happens in the base game, enemies, pets?

If i grow berries idk why they start to go bad before i pick them?

Yes. Siptah is fun and has great gear, @MaxTuner
Yes, you can take your character. Go to the main menu, server, copy character.
You can’t take placeable thralls, pets or mounts if they are already in the world. Crafters and everything else, yes. Just place them in your inventory and copy your character. You can go back and forth as many times as you like.

All pet reskins use a fodder. Functionally, you’re not actually armoring the hyena. Same as you’re not turning the horse undead, fodders are purely cosmetic changes to their appearance.


Yeah, but shouldnt you be able to make in the armor forge the hyena armor and have him equip it? Yes, it would make sense.

I guess no coconuts.

Imo, if they would have made a dlc on planting/growing side of things to the base game, like new plants on map, bricks size soil or half a brick. Growing plants on any piece of land as long as it had the right soil sand/dirt. Brick size sand and half size.

Can your character go back to the exiled lands after going to siptah?

Yes. On single player and before the server transfers were put on hold, I used to build two boats exactly alike, one on the EL, the other on Siptah. I even captured the same thralls to place there. Then it was like a travel.
Just keep in mind that if you do something in one map, it won’t reflect in the other unless you copy. Let me give you an example. Imagine you play on the EL and then copy to Siptah. Your character will be exactly the same. Now, imagine on Siptah you use some sigils. They won’t affect your character on the EL. Actually, you lose those you have consumed during the copy. If you want to use sigils on the EL map, you need to take them in the inventory and use them there. But imagine you gain a perk. Unless you copy, yhe character on the other map won’t get it. They are two separate entities, so if you want to pretend they are the same, don’t forget to copy as if it was traveling. You can copy from one map to the other as many times as you like.

Do you mean server rental? I get it, while in game.

Will you lose building structures you have placed in the exiled lands when coming back from siptah?

Lvl 60 cap sucks need a way to unlock the rest of knowledge i missed, elite shalebacks cant defeat them.
Mountain goat does not give Exquisite Meat.

This killed the game for me, some of the enemies that pop up in game where too tough to beat with my capped lvl 60 attributes. Elite shaleback
Hoping for dlc or update so i can max out.

Cant cook spiced slivers or anything new in improved stove, let down.
Cant make armor that protects from frostbite, all armor shows 1 bar of cold protection, let down.
Them coconuts still would be nice, lol. Btw i missed unlocking the paintbrush

Single Player. But I think transferences may be enabled on private servers.

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