Nerfed Thralls offline?

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Is it me or did Thralls become complete wimps while offline since latest update?
Lvl 1 NPCs should not be killing multiple T4 named Volcano Thralls. Just saying…
Log in on a official PVE server and find some of my strongest Thralls killed by a lvl 1 NPC. But not just 1. Killed 8 of my followers all at the same time?
Now I am sure that someone is luring NPCs to my base just to take out my thralls.
Sad really.

It’s not just offline that thralls are…
Less than utile.
However, with AI what it is, this is unfortunately not surprising.

Their vitality pool is down since compared to stronger thralls. It usually takes 3 raiders to make haste (instead of one) now. Otherwise, you are using beds to raid that seem like exploits (they’re not).

Zombies can still have high hp, from what I read.

Question: What are your thralls’ orders? Are they set to Attack nothing, or Stand ground? In these cases, it’s possible they don’t have a chance to retaliate against an attacking NPC.

Or they may be suffering from a chronic state of truncheon-induced imbecility and just not defend themselves. Doesn’t matter how strong or weak your thrall is if it doesn’t fight back. Eventually a regular hyena eats them.

So it turns out… Some one is purposely rounding up a mob of NPCs and kiting them to my Thralls.
I have now lost 20 Thralls in 3 days.
Sneaky little b…ds. on a PVE server yet…
Would that be considered “Greifing”
I kinda wanna set up a PVP area now and catch them.

Only works if they accept the Battle Standard?

Yes. But at least it shows Im paying attention! Lol…

All thralls have been nerfed. Animals got even a shorter straw. Three tigers can been killed by a single wolf. Even white one is no match for a roaming grey :joy:
By the way, I have noticed that the relic hunters are total jokes know. They do just a little bit more damage than a barrier. With a health nerf they are totally useless.

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