New Animal Lures?

I saw on the wiki the new trapper skill and animal lures like

What could this mean :open_mouth: animal pets, farming and mounts maybe?


pets, i hate it. i cant believe its not possible to add horse mounts!

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I dont wanna sound a f*ng griefer, but being a survival game, I hope pets are killable.

Agree 100%

Also super happy for no mounts in this game keeps it more controled and different from other games.

The awesome climbing in this game really makes up for the mounts most of the time.

I’d they add a climbing speed skill that would be enough


indeed indeed! NO MOUNTS FOR EXILED LANDS! Climbing is great, running is great, Fight is OK, and fast travel is OK as well. Question of pets or animal farming is another question… we will see what FC prepared for us. I would prefer general bug fixing, making world bosses and dungeons more interesting, making religion system more difficult and rewarding before any new content… but we will see

It’s likely part of the coming pets system. There was a reference to the baby animals in the world having something to do with a possible future pets system. So you tame babies and raise them into pets sort of thing.

Regarding mounts that has been addressed many times…Mounts are not possible for this game according to Funcom its a design issue for them so they don’t want to go that route. At most they could do very slow moving pack animals because the issue was with tile size and the speed increase for mounts.

If Thralls are killable its safe to say pets will also be killable if that’s how your server is set up AKA PvP…

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