New Animations and

Jump animations are a nice addition. Landing visual is spot on. It is a bit floaty while in the air, maybe include slight arm motion indicating ‘balancing’ while airborne.

Katana is nice. There is a strange sword-salute at the end of one animation that is kind weird – edit for clarity. No anime, please. This is Conan.

Other animations to consider:

z-axis rotation while stationary – body twists, then legs/feet follow stepping left or right. Looking up and down works well, when following targeting pointer, same should happen when looking/moving left and right. Can also consider look left or right while running/walking – while_pressed toggle for vanity view. Long_press becomes “while_pressed” short-press is toggle. (see other games) When in rp, it is very artificial and immersion-breaking when players swivel like mannequins.

Alternate idle animations; see the mod. Add custom feature, if a player is standing still and plays more than one emote, those emotes begin a rotation, until player moves in x-y axis.

Unconscious and injured animations. See recent mod that adds alternative downed and injured animations.

Unreal animation tech should be fully leveraged.

To keep it in one post:

Jump animations:
They are good, overall makes jumping more natural the same way as the wounded animations enhanced the game when they where implemented.
What MacCrusher said about floaty is true, the jump moving (when going up in the air) animation speed is too slow, giving the impression of levitation because the legs take too much time to reach the maximum “push up” and by that time, the character is returning to ground then the fall animation kicks in. The fall animation time is good, the stationary jump is on the right time too.

Katana animation:
What MacCrusher says about the animation on end of combo, is a “shake blood off of the blade” animation it. While I think the animation itself is good, maybe it dosent make sense at the end of the weapon combo. It would make more sense if CE had weapon sheaths and there where sheathing animations (maybe that is being implemented in the future?). Shake the blood off the blade and sheath it.


We talked a bit about this on the stream on Friday:

In short, it’s just a flourish we added that doesn’t have any impact on gameplay. If there’s blood on the blade it will remove the blood, though. Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

I think the “shake off blood” stance reset looks sweet!

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The flourish is a very nice touch, tho it would make more sense if the blood in weapons stay for a longer duration. Because currenrtly it vanishes too fast after a fight.

The same for the blood on the character at the end of a fight, its very nice to see our barbarians covered in blood, it should stay til washed by water or logout.

Oh, and blood pools from corpses aswell, those shouldn’t vanish, its immersive to see the sea of blood from a carnage.

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As console user… happy some of effects go away, don’t think I could put up with 15-20fps of combat and after with all effects around XD

Once blood stains are rendered, vanishing or not the fps stays the same.

Depending on platform, its hit or miss when effects are kicking in, and spin camera around.

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